Top 2 Websites for Downloading Ringtones

The best sources for cheap, free ringtones with no hassles

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The second you unwrap your cell phone or smartphone from its mass-produced state, your journey of personalization begins. Downloading cheap and free ringtones is one of the more popular ways we brand a phone to ourselves and identify our friends when they're calling.

With a universe of merchants competing for your ringtone dollar, I’ve compiled a top two free ringtones list. I explain why they’re such stellar ringtone havens and what cautions to keep in mind.

You’ll see familiar letter grades (from “A+” to “F-”) and an overall point score out of 20 points.

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Selection: A

Price: A+

Overall: 19

You can even download to unlimited phone numbers, which means you can share ringtones with your friends once you’ve purchased them.

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‘Ringtones’ chart from Billboard

Selection: B-

Price: B

Overall: 16

While the data is there, purchasing these ringtones is limited. The service currently only supports AT&T (still listed as Cingular) and T-Mobile for ringtone downloads. That's a major drawback.