Top 8 Website Copying Programs

You want to copy your site, and you want to do it fast. Maybe you don't want to mess with FTP, or you don't have the time to wait for all your files to download.

Maybe your hosting service is going under and you need to move your site fast. Maybe you just want to change your hosting service because you don't like them anymore or you need more space. Either way, one of these website copying programs may be able to help you.

Most offer trial versions.

No FTP necessary. I used this one to download my Geocities site. It would only download one level so I had to type in the URL of every level to get it to download the whole site. It downloaded most of the pages but there were a couple it missed. More »
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Sitesucker is Macintosh program for downloading Web sites. Just enter your Web site's URL and Sitesucker will download your Web site. More »
Download your whole site or just one level, you decide how many levels you want to download. You can download all sorts of files, not just the pages. You don't need to have FTP on your site to download with this program. More »
Download your Web pages, graphics, audio and everything else all at once. Looks like it's really easy to use and puts your files in folders just the way they are on your Web site so they are easy to find. More »
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Grabs Web pages from multiple sites at the same time. Also downloads EXE, PDE, AVI, ZIP and many other types of files. Tell the program how many levels you want to download and let it go. More »
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HTTrack lets you pull entire websites from the Internet, local directories, and building recursively directories. Does a fantastic job retrieving HTML and images from your computer. It also captures the original site's link structure. More »

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Pagenest lets you copy your webpages onto a hard disk. Can copy individual pages as well as entire websites. Includes text, html, images and css. More »

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Getleft is a downloadable application which is notably easy to use. Settings can be configured very easily too. More »

Good luck!