Top Web Conferencing Tools for Mac

Online meeting applications for Mac OS X

If you are a Mac user looking for the best web conferencing tools, the list below will help you find some of the most reliable web conferencing tools on the market for Mac OS.

While this tool doesn’t support video conferencing, it has many useful web conferencing features. Most notably, Fuze Meeting is able to show videos, presentations and graphics in high definition. It supports screen sharing, application sharing, and allows users to carry out and attend meetings from their iPhone, iPad or Android device. One dowside to Fuze Meeting is that it doesn’t have VoIP capabilities, but it more than makes up for that with its ability to dial-in all conference participants while the host gets ready for the web conference. The few downloads that are required for this tool to work are incredibly fast, and Fuze Meeting is incredibly easy to use. More »

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This is the tool with the best user interface on this list - it was built for the Mac, after all. It’s included with Mac OS X, so no downloads are necessary. However, the tool is not available for those on Windows or Linux. All that’s needed to use this application is an AIM or MobileMe account, and it takes only one click to start your web conference. This application also has video conferencing capabilities, and while hosts are sharing slides for example, they can still be seen by the video conferencing attendees. iChat is also a great collaboration tool, as it allows users to not only share a desktop, but also has remote control capabilities. Reliable and convenient, it is also a very pleasant application to use. More »

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This is a video conferencing tool that supports up to eight people sharing video at a time, and best of all, it’s free to download and use. It also supports VoIP calls, so users don’t have to pay for conferencing with long-distance participants, for example. This tool also lets users send voice or video messages, in case the person they wanted to call is unavailable. It’s also possible to use iVisit from a smartphone and other Internet-connected mobile devices, so users can meet on-the-go, however, this feature costs extra. It’s very easy to download and get started, and signup only takes a couple of minutes.

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A very easy to use web conferencing tool, Qnext enables both video and audio conferencing, supporting up to four people at a time for a video conference and eight people in an audio conference.  One of the cool things about Qnext is that it allows people to send instant messages to colleagues in all different networks, such as AIM, Gtalk, iChat, Facebook Chat and MySpace chat. For better collaboration, Qnext also allows users to grant access to their desktops in control or view mode. Users can drag-and-drop files that they would like to share with online conference attendees, for ease. It is also possible to download a Qnext app for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad for meeting away from your computer. More »

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This is a browser-based tool, so works on Mac as well as all other operating systems. It has several useful features for your web conference, such as the ability to appoint co-presenters, share desktop control and conduct polls. It also lets users send survey e-mails after the conference, an important feature for following up on a web conference. Users can also record and download their online meetings so if any discussions need to be revisited, it’s easy to do so. More »

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