Top Ways to Use Your Cell Phone Safely and Wisely

Young woman checking smartphone on urban rooftop

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Cell phones have become an important aspect of our mobile lives and all too often we forget the basics when it comes to using a cell phone. Before your habits become bad habits, review these tips and articles to ensure that you will always be using your cell phone safely and wisely while on the road.

Safe cell phone use is important for everyone to remember. Don't be the person that makes other people crazy by your cell phone use.

Where Not to Use a Cell Phone

Woman using smartphone while driving

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It's important for mobile office professionals to be aware of the fact that many jurisdictions have made it illegal to use your cell phone while driving. In some cases, you can still use hands-free devices.

Ignorance of the law is no defense, so make note of where you cannot use your cell phone.​

Cell Phone Etiquette

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Many remote workers fail to remember to use proper cell phone etiquette. Cell phones have made it possible for us to stay in touch no matter where we happen to be working. While this has great advantages for mobile professionals it can also be a means of irritating and annoying fellow mobile workers, co-workers, and clients.

Use a Cell Phone in a Vehicle?

Man driving while using cell phone

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The most important rule to remember is to never use a cell phone when driving. It is dangerous and puts not only yourself but everyone else on the road at risk. You need to focus on the road and not a cell phone conversation.

Can I Use My Cell Phone Overseas?

Man using cell phone on beach

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Understand what requirements your cell phone must have so that you can use it outside North America. You don't want to miss important calls.

Should Cell Phones Be Allowed During Flights?

Woman using cell phone on airplane

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The FCC is working towards solutions leading to the approved use of cell phones while an airplane is in-flight, something which has been illegal up to this point. While these solutions will not be immediate and you won't be able to use your own cell phone in the air, it does raise some questions mobile professionals will have to consider when traveling by air.

Cell Phone Safety

Man walking across city street talking on cell phone

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Employers should take a strong role to ensure that mobile workers are using their cell phones safely and not putting their life or that of others at risk due to cell phone usage. ​Policies can be created with input from both management and remote workers to help ensure that there is a fair balance and that the policies are realistically workable and enforceable.