Top VoIP Headsets

Headsets For Online Communication and Gaming

VoIP Headsets enhance voice communication through your computer or mobile device. They are an important accessory for communication and gaming and have to be chosen carefully. They can be wired and wireless. Your choice of which headset you choose depends on your needs and several factors including price, performance, and features. Here is my top list of VoIP headsets.

Logitech Wireless Headset (24) BY 2.0

Logitech ClearChat Wireless VoIP Headset offers high performance and great features, enough to hoist it among the very expensive headsets, but it has a reasonable price, affordable for most. This makes it a great value for money product and definitely one of the first headsets to consider for anyone looking for a good wireless headset. It offers good noise cancellation and is one of the rare headsets with laser tuned audio. More »

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The Aliph Jawbone Era is a Bluetooth headset and the most sophisticated one on the market. The physical design is unique but what’s inside is more impressive. It has great noise canceling function and also carries motion sensor. So you communicate to the headset by touching and shaking. You also have voice announcements and automatic volume control, all this with great battery autonomy. The Jawbone Era is expensive, but it is a jewel. More »

Freetalk Everyman isn’t wireless and comes with a USB connection. That’s the only downside to it, and that’s what also makes it cheap. Otherwise, it is a full-fledged headset designed for Internet telephony and Skype, with lots of features and good voice quality. If you don’t need wireless, this headset is a good choice. More »

Plantronics .Audio 655 Stereo is also a cheap stereo wires headset. Despite the price, it offers great digital sound quality. The ear pieces are soft and comfortable with many possible adjustments both in the headband and in the microphone. It supports Skype and can, therefore, be used for Internet telephony. It can also be used for gaming. It has all the common features and functionality and is a very good product among the cheap models. More »

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Jabra M5390 USB

Jabra M5360 has the possibility of connecting to a mobile device via Bluetooth and also via USB. This makes is suitable for use with devices other than mobile phones. This model is optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator 2007. The earpiece if well built and very flexible, offering adjustments and flexible boom. It also supports voice recognition. It is also Skye certified. It has noise canceling microphones. This model is expensive, maybe because it can connect both via Bluetooth and USB.

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Motorola Finiti

Motorola Finiti is relatively cheap but offers great performance for the price. It has a three-microphone audio system for noise and wind cancellation. It offers one of the best noise cancellation solutions among Bluetooth headset models. The calls are close, clear and natural. It has a very comfortable fit due to its very ergonomic earbud design.

The Plantronics M100 is very comfortable to the ear. It is light in itself and has fittings that create the ergonomic shape. It has a long battery life, with up to 6 hours of talk time, good audio quality and is convenient in many ways. It pairs up easily with other devices. Also, it is considerably lower in the price range. More »


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