Top Free Calling Apps for Apple iOS

Apps For Free Phone Calls on the iPhone and iPad

Your iOS device (iPhone, iPod or iPad) is a great way for your to cut down on your communication cost and to enjoy the great features of Voice over IP (VoIP). Your device already has the native communication app for voice and video called FaceTime. While it is a great and robust tool, it does have its limitations, and not everyone is available for chat on FaceTime since most people have Android running on their smartphones. 

It is therefore a good idea to install other tools for making free calls and for instant messaging. Here are some of the best for your iOS device. 

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Communication Tools for iOS
Communication Tools for iOS.

Skype remain an undeniable candidate on lists like this. It has affirmed its presence and the quality it offers, along with the features, are without match. Despite the fact that Skype voice and video calls consume more data, it still is interesting since the quality is very good, and it does not hurt on WiFi.  More »

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 WhatsApp is the most popular app for devices including iOS. It has around a billion users and offers free voice calling. One reason why you will want to install and use WhatsApp is the number of people that are already using it.   More »

Although Hangouts is from Google, it is a nice tool with lots of features. It integrates well within the iOS environment and has a huge community of active users.  More »

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Facebook Messenger

It is most likely that you are a Facebook user than not, and more than a billion people worldwide are. The social media site also has its full-fledged communication tool and has a version for Apple iOS. It allows instant messaging, voice and video calling for free with any other Facebook user who may or may not have the app installed. 

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This app is just like any other app, and not among the most carefully built, but it is in this list because the rates it offers for worldwide calls are very cheap. If you are looking for very cheap calls abroad, try this. More »
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Viber is becoming more and more popular. It allows free texting and free video calls to other Viber users. It uses your phone number to identify you on the network, and integrates seamlessly with your contact list to hint you on who you can call on Viber for free. Check other apps of its kind. More »

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iCall is also very rich in features and in service plans. The more interesting thing about it is that if offers free calls to any phone in the US and Canada. It offers high definition voice and video calling with collaboration and many other features. It also offers free video conferencing with up to 10 people on the iCall network. Compared to main players in the video conferencing arena, this is a very good offer, as normally sessions with as many as 10 people for video are paid. With iCall you can pay with bitcoins.  More »