Top 5 Free Calling Apps for Apple iOS

Popular VoIP Apps for Free Internet-Based Phone Calls

Use one of the popular Voice over IP apps on your iOS device—iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad—to cut down on your communication costs. Your iOS device already has a native communication app for voice and video called FaceTime. While it is a robust tool, it is limited to other Mac and iOS device users. 

Take the time to install one or more of these VoIP apps to make free calls over the internet. (Calls placed over a cellular connection may incur data usage charges.) The apps you choose may depend on which ones your friends and family members already use.

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Communication Tools for iOS
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Skype is the service that kicked off the VoIP craze. The popular service offers free local and international calls to other Skype users and low-cost plans to any international numbers of non-Skype users.

Skype is well established, and the quality it offers, along with the features, are without match. Microsoft purchased Skype in 2011 and added new features including Share to Skype, which you can use to share videos, photos, and links. The Skype for iPhone iOS app is free at Apple's App Store. 

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WhatsApp is the most popular VoIP app for mobile devices. According to Facebook, which bought the app in 2014, WhatsApp has more than a billion users. The WhatsApp Messenger app uses your iOS device's internet connection to call family and friends and to send messages. The app and the service are free, as long as you use the iOS device's Wi-Fi connection. If you use a cellular connection, data charges may apply. More »

Google's Hangouts iOS app is a well-designed tool with plenty of features. It integrates well with the iOS environment and has a huge community of active users. Use it to connect at any time with other Hangout users for free voice and video calls. You can also use Hangouts for messaging and to share photos and videos. Hangouts supplies emoji and stickers for self-expression. More »

It is likely that you are a Facebook user—almost 2 billion people worldwide are. The social media site's popular Messenger app, which is most often thought of as a chat tool, is a full-fledged communication app. In addition to instant messaging, the Messenger iOS app allows free voice and video calling with any other Facebook user. You can use names or phone numbers to find your friends on the social networking giant. More »

Viber Messenger iOS app allows free voice and video calls with its 800 million customers over a Wi-Fi connection.  The app uses your phone number to identify you on the network and integrates seamlessly with your contact list to indicate who you can call on Viber for free. Viber is popular for the thousands of stickers you can use to express yourself and for its instant 30-second videos messages. More »