Top 4 Tools for Testing Your Mobile Website

While it's important for you to build a mobile website, irrespective of your business, also bringing you the best practices for creating your mobile website. While you have many tools to create your website as you envision it, it also becomes imperative that you first test your website thoroughly before you send it live on mobile devices of your choice.

The main issue here is that you are dealing with far too many mobile devices and mobile operating systems and hence, testing your website on each of these devices would turn out to be very laborious and expensive. In order to make your job simpler, there are useful tools available to help you ensure that your website is absolutely mobile-friendly.

Here, we bring you a list of the top 4 tools for testing your website intended to go live on mobile devices:

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W3C mobileOK Checker

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The W3C mobileOK Checker is one of the best tools available to you, to help you test the efficacy of your website on mobile devices. This tool performs several tests on a web page before it estimates the level of compatibility of your website with the mobile web. W3C has developed a mobileOK Basic Tests 1.0 specification, which works to give you a clear idea of the mobile-friendliness of your website.

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A very accurate iPhone tester, this is also available to you completely free of cost. Though iPhoney is not really a simulator, it enables you to build 320x480px Websites, compatible with the iPhone screen specifications.

This implies that you can test both your code and your website images in the actual Apple Safari type of environment, including all the features of the original iPhone, such as zoom, plugins, landscape and portrait modes and so on.

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Google Mobilizer

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Google Mobilizer is a simple and very user-friendly tool to test your website on mobile browsers. In order to work with this tool, you merely need to enter your webpage address into the box provided for this purpose. Once that is done, you can easily trim and tweak your Webpage so as to make it most mobile-friendly. This is one of the best tools for you, since it gives you an actual visual input of your page on the mobile web.

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MobiReady is much like Gomez, only, it is slightly more elaborate than it. Also based on online testing, this tool requires you to enter your webpage address, on which it performs a variety of compatibility tests such as Page Test, Site Test, Markup Test and so on. At the end of the test, this tool provides you a comprehensive results page, giving you the level of compliance with dotMobi, device emulators, code checks, HTTP tests and also a detailed error report for you to gain a better understanding.