Top TiVo Digital Video Recorder Features

TiVo has been around for about a decade, and the company continues to offer different ways to control your TV viewing experience. More than just a Digital Video Recorder, TiVo has, in recent years, introduced home networking and broadband internet functionality, all designed to give TiVo users more and more features. My Top Picks for TiVo Features highlights some of the best features that the TiVo Digital Video Recorder has to offer.

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Season Pass

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One of the very best features on any Digital Video Recorder is the ability to record an entire season of a TV show. Set up any show once to record the entire season and TiVo will continue to record the show until you set it not to. You can even have TiVo skip any repeats by setting it up to record first-run episodes only.
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Wish List Searches

The Wish List feature is a neat way to keep up with your favorite actors or directors. Just program your TiVo to search for "Harrison Ford" and all his movies, interviews, biographies, etc. will show up in your Now Playing list. Wishlist Searches isn't just for actors or directors either, you can also search by sports teams or words like cooking or yoga and shows relating to those categories will be recorded.
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Online Scheduling

Forgot to record a show and now your stuck at work? What's a poor TV addict to do? Hop on the Internet and set that show to record! With TiVo On-line Scheduling you can schedule shows to record on your TiVo from any computer connected to the Internet.
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Multi-Room Viewing

If you own multiple TiVo's connected by a home network, then you have Multi-Room Viewing. You can start watching a show in the living room, then resume it in the bedroom. Multi-room viewing gives you access to the Now Playing list of any connected TiVo in the house from any other connected TiVo DVR. No need to confine yourself to one room to enjoy your recorded programs.
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TiVoToGo is a feature that allows users to transfer recordings from their TiVo box to a laptop or desktop PC or mobile playback device. With the TiVoToGo software on your computer, you can first transfer recordings to your PC, then place them onto a handheld Portable Video Player, like Sony PSP, or record your programs to DVD. Currently, to burn DVDs from the TiVoToGo software you must use MyDVD from Sonic Solutions or Roxio Toast 8.
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Amazon Unbox on TiVo

Amazon Unbox on TiVo is a joint venture between TiVo and to give TiVo customers the ability to download the latest movies straight to their TiVo box. The Amazon Unbox on TiVo service is a new TiVo feature that lets you rent or buy movies online from Amazon Unbox, download them to your TiVo box over your home network, and view them whenever you want on your TV. All you need is a TiVo box and a broadband Internet connection.
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TiVo KidZone

TiVo KidZone gives parents the ability to control what their children are viewing by setting up a "Kid-friendly Zone" on their TiVo. In the KidZone, your children have their own TiVo Now Playing List filled with programming chosen specifically by the parents guidelines on what is appropriate for their children. Some of the other benefits of the KidZone are: Filtering Live TV and Password Protection. Make sure you know what your kids are watching with TiVo KidZone.
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Digital Music Player

A TiVo connected to a home network gives TiVo owners more than just Multi-room Viewing. With a networked TiVo, TiVo owners can turn their TiVo into a Digital Music Player. Listen to your MP3 music collection from your PC on your TiVo connected to a home stereo system.

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Digital Photo Viewer

Another feature available through a TiVo networked to a personal computer is Digital Photo Viewer. Display your digital photos on a TV connected to your TiVo. A nice way to display your digital photo albums stored on your PC.
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Home Movie Sharing

TiVo has teamed up with One True Media to allow TiVo owners to upload home movies to family and friends through TiVo's connected to the Internet. Share home movies on a private channel with your friends and family. Visit for more info. A very intriguing new feature for TiVo owners!