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The top free time waster sites online

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The time wasters you'll find below are really much more than a way to pass the time. You'll have a blast spending any amount of time on these, whether it be for five minutes or four hours.

All the time wasters below are safe for work and they're all interactive. You won't find videos or funny cat pictures on this list but you will find a ton of games, puzzles, and some sites that are so odd, they'll demand that you waste some time exploring them.

After you've taken a look at these time wasters, check out my list of the best online gaming websites for more online fun.

Most of these game require Flash player to be enabled in your web browser.

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The 2048 game online.

Do you enjoy number games? If so, 2048 will quickly become your favorite time waster. I wasted nearly an hour of perfectly good time the first time I played 2048!

Using only your keyboard's arrow keys, move the numbered tiles around together. Once two of the same numbers are next to each other and can slide together, they're added up. Keep going, with the ultimate goal of making a 2048 tile.

2048 is very similar to, but not associated with, the 1024! iTunes game and the very popular THREES, available for both Android and iTunes.

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Screenshot of the free online game Filler

Filler has got to be one of my all time favorite time wasters.

The goal of the game is simple — you need to click to create filler balls so you can fill up 2/3 of the screen before you can move on to the next level. Avoid the bouncy balls because they will pop any filler balls that you're filling up.

This time waster is so much and I guarantee it will get you through a slow afternoon or a boring evening.

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Totem Destroyer

Screenshot of the free online game Totem Destroyer

Totem Destroyer is a challenging and fun time waster that uses physics as a big part of its gameplay.

See if you can keep the idol from falling as you destroy the required number of blocks.

The levels get more and more challenging and sometimes you'll need to work very quickly.

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Magic Pen

Screenshot of the free online game Magic Pen

Magic Pen is a very fun time waster for adults that might remind you of your childhood days because your weapon of choice is a crayon. With your crayon you'll need to draw lines and circles on the screen to help your ball touch all the flags on the level.

This time waster is a physics game as well, so keep that in mind as you're trying to solve the levels.

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Screenshot of the free online game Lunchtimers

Lunchtimers is a time waster where you're given a set of letters that look like a throwback to those magnetic alphabet letters you use to play with on mom's fridge.

The twist to this time waster is that you're not the only one playing; there are other people online trying to create their own words and phrases. Will you work together to create new words or are you one who steals the letters of someone else to create your own poetic masterpiece?

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Falling Sand Game

Falling Sand Game screenshot

The Falling Sand Game is a deceptively simple looking time waster. You have sand, water, salt and oil falling from the sky and you get to build walls, start fires and add plant material to see how everything interacts with each other.

This is a truly addictive time waster that will have you wasting time you didn't even know you had.

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Screenshot of the free online game Canabalt

Canabalt is a very addictive time waster with a simple concept. You're on the run and you find yourself above the city jumping from roof to roof. How far can you make it before you fall?

You'll spend countless hours on this time waster - I'm warning you, it's really going to suck you in!

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The online game, Acrobot.

There's nothing to win in this time waster, no princess to save or level to complete. Acrobots is a unique game where you move around these little creatures and see how they interact with each other.

Acrobots is a great time waster that will keep you busy until work is over.

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Screenshot of the Excit free online game

This is definitely a work-safe time waster because believe it or not, it's a game about spreadsheets.

In this time waster, called Excit!, you'll need to use the arrow keys on your computer to get to the green square to clear the level and move on to a more challenging one.

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Pop Bubble Wrap

The Bubble Wrap free online game.

Remember how fun it was to pop bubble wrap as a kid? Well this time waster won't let you forget!

Be sure to try out manic mode to see just how fast you can pop all those bubbles.

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The free online game, Duck: Think Outside the Flock.

Duck is a unique puzzle game that will have you scratching your head with a smile on your face.

None of the 25 levels are particularly difficult but you'll waste a good 30-45 minutes on this unique puzzle time wasting game.

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Screenshot of the free online game Assembler

Assembler is a fairly simple time waster where your goal is to fit the green crate into the green outline of a square. It's sounds easy, huh? It gets more difficult as the levels go on.

Oh, and did I mention that this game is completely gravity based? It sure will keep you on your toes while you waste the afternoon away!

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THe free online game, Levers.

Levers is a physics-based time waster where the goal is to balance the scale.

You never know what's coming next because all different types of objects drop from the sky.

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Screenshot of the free online game Cubespace

In this time waster, you drop down cubes to create your own cube masterpiece.

This is a very addictive game that will have you wasting time like there's no tomorrow.

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White Dwarf

The online game, White Dwarf.

White Dwarf is an unbelievably fun and challenging time waster.

With your white circle you'll need to collect all the green circle while avoiding all the red ones. Touch a blue circle to submit your green circles as points.

There aren't any second chances in this time wasting game - it's sudden death the moment you touch a red circle.

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The free online game, Bloons.

The Bloons games are fun time wasters where the goal is to pop as many balloons as you can. So how exactly do you do this? Well, you're a monkey and you've got lots of darts!

As the levels go on you'll see more balloons in more complicated groupings.

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The free online game, Shuffle.

This time waster is a lot of fun. You're a red ball and you shoot yourself to push all the yellow balls off the table. Unfortunately, they're trying to do the same to you.

The winner of this time wasting game is the one who gets all the opponent's balls off the table first.

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The online game, Phit.

Phit is a time waster that will remind you a little of Tetris. You drag the shapes down and make them "phit" together to perfectly fill up the yellow portion of the screen.

This is a very simple game at first but watch out when you get up into the 100+ levels - they get really tough!

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The online game, Bloxorz.

The goal of this time waster is to get a block to fall into a hole without it falling off or running out of moves.

The levels get more and more challenging in this time wasting game. Can you complete all 33 of them?

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Double Wires

The free online game, Double Wires.

Double Wires is a very unique time waster where you move a very fluid stick figure from one hand drawn line to another.

How far can you get before you fall?

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The free online game, Jigsawdoku.

Jigsawdoku is a time waster that's part jigsaw puzzle and part Sudoku.

You'll have a great time moving the block letters to complete the Sudoku puzzle. There's a hint button if you need some extra help.

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Fantastic Contraption 2

Screenshot of the free online game Fantastic Contraption 2

Fantastic Contraption 2 is a time wasting game where you build contraptions with a variety of tools, with the intention of moving a ball across the screen to the "Goal" area.

Each level of this time waster gets more and more challenging. You'll have a lot of fun trying to figure out what contraption will get you to the goal the quickest.

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IQ Ball

The free online game IQ Ball.

IQ Ball is another physics-based time waster. The goal is to get your IQ ball to the bulls eye in as few click as possible.

There are 25 levels in this time wasting game and each one gets more and more challenging.

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Ragdoll Cannon 3

Screenshot of the free online game Ragdoll Cannon 3

Ragdoll Cannon 3 is a time waster that should really help you get rid of any pent up resentment you might have.

If you really enjoy this time waster you can even create your own levels!

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Touch the Bubbles 3

The free online game touch the Bubbles 3.

Touch the Bubbles is another great time waster where you'll need to pop all the bubbles to pass the level.

Don't touch anything red though or you'll lose a life.

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The free online game Pathillogical.

Pathillogical is a time waster that consists of a sliding puzzle game with 40 levels.

If you really like this time waster you can even create your own Pathillogical game levels.

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Exit Path

Screenshot of the free online game Exit Path

Exit Path is a time waster where you're trying to make it to the end of the level without falling or getting killed.

Exit Path supports single players and multiplayers.

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Paper Critters

Screenshot of the free online game Paper Critters

You'll have so much fun making the digital paper toys at Paper Critters that you won't even realize how much of a time waster it is.

After you've created your digital paper you you can upload it to The Colony and view other's creations.

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Hardball Frenzy

The free online game Hardball Frenzy.

Hardball Frenzy is a great time waster because it's a lot of fun to play. You shoot a small silver ball at green balls. You have to eliminate all the green balls before you can move onto the next level.

There are only 25 levels in this time waster which is too bad because some more challenging levels would make this game an even bigger time waster.

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Flame Painter

The free online game Flame Painter.

Flame Painter is the ultimate time waster because there's no limit to what you can create here.

Draw flames and change colors, opacity, sizes and more to see what kind of design you can make.

You can play Flame Painter on the iPhone and iPad too. Just follow the link to the Flame Painter website to get the download links.

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Factory Balls 3

The free online game Factory Balls 3.

In this time waster, it's up to you to create a ball just like the one shown on the packing box.

Each level gets more and more complicated and you'll really have to do some thinking to figure out how to make each factory ball.

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The free online game Gluey.

What a time waster Gluey is! You'll need to get rid of the groups of cute little blobs to try to reach the level goal.

This is a great time waster because you can play it to waste anywhere from 5 minutes to 60.

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The free online game Bauns.

In this timewaster, instead of clicking the same color of balls to make combos, you get to shoot a ball at them.

This is a fun time wasting game that will really have you racing against the clock to get the highest score.

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The free online game Silversphere

Your mission in this time waster is to guide the silver sphere to the blue vortex before the clock reaches zero.

It's not as easy as it sounds because this time wasting game often forces you to create your own path.

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Fancy Pants Adventure World 2

The free online game The Fancy Pants Adventure World 2.

Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 is a unique time waster where you get to explore your world doing fun stuff just for the heck of it.

This time waster is one of the most unique on the list, and my guess is that you'll spend an afternoon playing.

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The free online game Continuity.

Continuity is a time waster that will have you scratching your head.

This adventure game is simple, elegant and quite a challenge. Can you figure out what the mystery is all about?

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The free online game Planarity.

This time waster will prove to be quite the challenge to your brain.

The goal of Planarity is to arrange all the vertices so that no edges overlap. If you are able to do so, you move onto the next, more challenging level.

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The free online game BallDroppings.

BallDroppings is one of those time wasters where there's really no point or an ending.

Draw lines and listen to the balls bounce off the lines to create different musical notes.

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Run Run

The free online game Run Run.

Run Run is a fun little time waster where your only goal is to jump over obstacles so you can exit the warehouse. However, don't run into the obstacles or you'll have to restart.

In a sense, it's a very easy game but there's just something about it that will keep you coming back for more.

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The free online game Orbit.

In the time waster Orbit, you'll need to get your comet to orbit around the planet for a certain amount of time.

With each new level comes multiple and bigger planets.

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The Maze

The free online game The Maze.

The Maze is a time waster that reminded me of the old text adventure DOS games.

For this time waster, you're given a set of directions and you'll need to remember them as you click your way trying to find a way out of the maze.

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Dungeon Escape

The free online game Dungeon Escape.

Dungeon Escape is a very silly time wasting adventure game that basically tests your hand-eye coordination in a fast-paced way, where you'll need to click on the flashing circles to save your life.

Although there's not too much to this time waster, it is quite a challenge and it will have you coming back for more.

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The free online game Color Pulsate.

Pulsate is a calming time waster where you create circles that, when they touch, make pleasant notes.

You can vary the size and number of circles to create more complex tunes, as well as build colored circles for a more interesting look.

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Drawtoy Vs. Byokal

The free online game Drawtoy vs Byokal.

Drawtoy Vs. Byokal is a complicated name for a simple time waster.

This time waster creates a kaleidoscope of any lines, shapes, and colors you choose to include in your design.

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Akiyoshi's Illusion Pages

An optical illusion.

Do you like visual illusions? This time waster has a ton of motion illusions that will really trick your eyes.

Be sure to click the links at the top of the page to see even more of the illusions.

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I made this. you play this. we are enemies.

Screenshot of the online game called I made this. you play this. we are enemies.

This has got to be the strangest time waster on this list. I made this. you play this. we are enemies. is basically a mouse click adventure.

There was a lot of time put into this by the game designer, so it's really interesting to look at all the little details included.

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The free online typing test racing game TypeRacer.

Testing your typing speed sounds like a pretty boring time waster to most.

However, in TypeRacer, you'll get to spice up things a bit while you enter typing races with other users online. Will you be the one who types the fastest and wins the race?

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The Revolving Internet

The revolving internet website.

This unique time waster is really just the internet but has a unique twist to it.

How much can you successfully get done online while everything in your browser window is revolving?

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Screenshot of a Google Maps location in the online game GeoGuessr


GeoGuessr is a time waster where you'll see an image from Google Maps and have to guess where in the world it is. You'll have five rounds to do so.

In GeoGuessr, you can also set up new challenges or time limits to challenge other plays.

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The Timewaster

Screenshot of the free online game called The Timewaster

To end this list is a game that's actually called The Timewaster — what a perfect name for a time-wasting memory game!

In this game, you're given increasingly difficult objectives that you must remember before you start each round. Complete the objectives before the time runs out to move through the game.