5 Top Social Shopping Websites You Need to Check Out

Get Trusted Recommendations on Products You're Bound to Love

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Most people can probably admit to taking some of their shopping online, whether it involves buying a few bestselling books from Amazon or placing an order for an extra large cheese pizza. But do you know about the growing trend in social shopping?

Rather than simply showing you product recommendations and reviews at random, social shopping websites aim to learn more about you through your shopping habits and connect you with other like-minded buyers to show you what they've bought and reviewed. In short, it's a very personalized form of shopping that thrives on community participation.

Ready to buy and ready to get social about it? Here are a few top websites worth checking out.

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Search for Great Finds and Filter by Category: Pinterest

A screenshot of Pinterest.com.

We just had to include Pinterest at the top of our list for its powerful search and filter functions. Besides being able to look for almost anything at all, you can even follow your favorite brands or individuals that frequently post great products to their boards.

Some product pins will take you right to the retailer's website when you select it while others will simply enlarge the image and show you the price of the product. Given its popularity, Pinterest is perhaps one of the best places you can use for product discovery—no matter what you might be looking for!

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"Like" Your Favorite Apparel Items and Share Your Experience: ModCloth

A screenshot of ModCloth.com.

ModCloth is primarily geared toward young female consumers interested in fashion, decor and inspiration. It has a huge community of users who participate in almost every aspect of the ModCloth brand, including the Be the Buyer program and the Make the Cut program.

See an item you like? Just select the heart button to like and save it. There's also an Image Gallery where users can post photos of themselves wearing ModCloth clothing pieces to give other shoppers new insights into what they might like and what might fit them best.

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Follow Sellers and Earn Points for Rewards: OpenSky

A screenshot of OpenSky.com.

OpenSky sells a variety of products in categories like apparel, accessories, jewelry, kitchen, electronics, home, beauty, toys, pets, sporting goods and more. One of the best features of this social shopping site is its deals, where shoppers can score some great prices for great products.

Users are encouraged to follow individual sellers, add products to their wishlists and invite friends to join so that they can earn points. More points allow users to enjoy special shopping rewards like shipping deals and credits toward future purchases.

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See Favorite Products Shared by the Community: Fancy

A screenshot of Fancy.com.

Fancy is sort of like the lovechild of Pinterest and Etsy. Users can discover products that have been curated by its global community and buy from thousands of different stores directly through the platform.

Every user gets their own profile that shows off everything they've Fancy'd. If you're interested in what sorts of products other users are Fancying, you can follow their profile to see their Fancy'd items show up in your feed.

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See All the Best Stores in One Convenient Place: Wanelo

A screenshot of Wanelo.com.

Wanelo's name is a combination of the words "want," "need" and "love." It features products from a variety of top retailers. The more that you interact on Wanelo and the more products that you save, the more it learns about you and the better it's able to recommend products based on what you already like.

Like Fancy, it has a lot of similarities to Pinterest. Users can create their own collections of items (similar to Pinterest boards) that they find on the site and from third-party sites as well. Make sure you also check out the Wanelo mobiles apps for iOS and Android too, which is where this platform really shines.