Get Great, Free Photos to Use on Your Blog With These Great Assets

Use these sites to find free photos for your blog

Polaroid images of landscapes
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Finding free pictures online to use on your blog can be challenging because so many of them have stringent copyright restrictions. However, several websites offer free high-quality photos that bloggers can download to use on their blogs.

Check the copyright restrictions on any photos you download for use on your blog. Some of the free photos on these sites might require you to provide attribution—which you should do anyway—or notify the photographer of your use of the photo. Always follow the copyright and creative commons licensing rules related to any photo you use on your blog and obtain any necessary permissions.

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Photo from Stock.xchng
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FreeImages (formerly Stock Xchange) is a great resource for finding free photos to use on your blog. Different photos have different restrictions, so be sure to check the copyright and attribution requirements before you use a photo. The attractive website organizes photos by categories, which makes it easy to peruse photos on specific topics. More »

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Flickr is the best-known of the websites that offer free images, and it grows in popularity every day. To find free photos that are available for use on your blog, begin by searching using creative commons license. Click on any of the thumbnails to view any rights retained by the photographer. Be certain to provide attribution if required and provide a link back to the source. More »

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MorgueFile has a large selection of free high-quality photos that you can use on your blog—just search the site for Free. Typically, you can download the free images immediately, but read about the MorgueFile license requirements and link back from your blog post to the source if required. More »

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Dreamstime provides a large selection of royalty-free stock photos and vector images either free or available for a fee as low as $0.20. As long as you don't claim to own the image itself, you can use most of them on a blog. Just check the rights that the photographers assign to the images before downloading them. More »

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FreeFoto offers over 100,000 free photos that you can use on your blog. Typically, you'll have to provide attribution and link back to the source. Most photos include a small watermark in the lower right corner of the photo that says "," which is unobtrusive. More »

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StockVault is a community of photographers and artists who share their work on the site. The site includes a section just for bloggers, where it showcases free textures, photos, and design elements that are particularly useful on blogs. More »