The Top 7 Services to Send Large Files

Don't limit attachments to the few megabytes your email provider allows

If you've ever been frustrated when attempting to send large files (such as an entire movie you made or the latest batch of holiday photos) via email, consider trying a large file transfer service. With it, you can send huge files, including those that are gigabytes in size and way too big to be sent as email attachments.

These large file transfer services and tools make sending huge files easy, fast, and secure. They all work in a similar manner, although their features vary. The following list includes some of the best services available for sending large files.

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Best for Use With Mobile Devices: SendThisFile

A screenshot of the SendThisFile website.
What We Like
  • AES-256 encryption.

  • Compatible with mobile devices.

  • Paid plans include personalized Filebox others can use to send you large files.

What We Don't Like
  • No virus scan.

  • No password protection with free account.

  • Reduced transfer speed with free version.

SendThisFile enables you to send files for free with limited speed and a six-day pick-up limit. Paid accounts offer other features and are used to send and receive large files in a branded manner through a website, for example, or using an Outlook plug-in.

SendThisFile incorporates secure transfer and storage using AES-256 encryption but provides no virus scanning.

Just upload your file to the website and provide your recipient's email address. As soon as the upload completes, SendThisFile sends an email to your recipient with instructions on how to access it. Only the recipient you specify can download the file. 

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Best Across Platforms: Filemail

A screenshot of the Filemail website.
What We Like
  • Works on all platforms and websites.

  • Delivery tracking available on all plans.

  • Unlimited downloads on all plans.

What We Don't Like
  • Password protection available only on Pro account.

  • Files available for only seven days on free plan.

  • Cannot receive files on free plan.

A free version of Filemail enables you to send files of up to 50 GB. Recipients can download in a browser or via FTP and BitTorrent. Paid Filemail accounts add features such no size limit on sent files, Outlook add-ons, password protection, and a branded site that allows others to send you files.

When you send a file using this service, it's uploaded to Filemail's cloud storage. You supply an email address and message and your recipient is notified and instructed on how to download it. The service offers delivery tracking and works on all platforms and web servers.

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Best for Use With Outlook: DropSend

Screenshot of the DropSend website.
What We Like
  • Paid accounts include online storage for backups.

  • Android and iOS apps available.

  • DropSend for Outlook plug-in attaches large files to Outlook emails.

What We Don't Like
  • No encryption with free and basic plans.

  • High prices for encrypted personal and business accounts.

DropSend enables you to easily send files of up to 4 GB for free (8 GB with a paid account) to any email address. First, you provide email information on the website. Then, you select the file or files to transfer. The recipient is notified by email when the files are ready for download.

DropSend imposes monthly limits for sending large files. Free accounts include five sends per month, while paid accounts allow up to 45. DropSend uses 256-bit AES security to keep your files secure. The service is ideal for sending big files to clients or for backing up your files online.

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Best for Password-Protected File Transfers: WeTransfer Pro

Screenshot of the WeTransfer Pro website.
What We Like
  • Password-protected transfers.

  • Transfer overview for resending, forwarding, or deleting files.

What We Don't Like
  • Encryption and password protection for paying users only.

  • Recurring monthly or annual fees.

WeTransfer Pro is a simple and stylishly attractive means of sending files via email of up to 20 GB (for paid accounts). Store up to 100 GB on the company's server and personalize the experience by selecting your background images. You have the option to password-protect your transfers for additional security. Your files aren't automatically deleted, and you can view and manage them from the website or app.

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Best No-Frills Service: TransferNow

Screenshot of the TransferNow website.
What We Like
  • Select send or expiration dates for transfers.

  • Unlimited downloads per transfer.

  • Paid account includes password protection.

What We Don't Like
  • Free plan includes advertising.

  • Files are not encrypted.

  • Expired files cannot be retrieved.

TransferNow is available as a free or paid premium service. You can upload files up to 4 GB with the free version or up to 20 GB with the Premium one in a no-frills manner. Downloads are available for seven (free) or 30 (premium) days. You receive an email 48 hours before the files expire with information regarding who downloaded them. You can protect your large-file transfers with a password, but free TransferNow offers few additional features.

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Best for Business Branding: MailBigFile

Screenshot of the MailBigFile website.
What We Like
  • File tracking on paid plans.

  • Files available for up to 60 days on paid plans.

  • Custom branding on paid plans.

What We Don't Like
  • No encryption for free account.

  • Files available for only 10 days on free plan.

  • Few features on free plan.

MailBigFile is a fast and simple service that allows you to send large files of up to 2 GB for free. Paid, professional versions allow for larger files of up to 20 GB and more downloads per file, as well as secure connections, file tracking, and apps.

For paid accounts, files are transferred using 128-bit SSL encryption and stored using 256-bit AES encryption.

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Best for Loads of Storage: TransferBigFiles

Screenshot of the TransferBigFiles website.
What We Like
  • All uploads are encrypted.

  • Files never expire with paid plans.

  • UP to 1 TB of storage.

What We Don't Like
  • Free plan is ad supported.

  • Small transfer size limit on free account.

  • Files expire after five days with free plan.

This service makes it easy to deliver large files (up to 30 MB for free accounts and up to 20 GB for paid accounts) to recipients. The files can be protected with a password for additional security. Files sent through TransferBigFiles are available to be downloaded by the recipient for five days with the free version and indefinitely when you pay for the upgrade. You're notified when recipients download your files.

You can also use TransferBigFiles to send full-quality, non-compressed videos from your smartphone or to store files in the cloud indefinitely.

Don't Forget Your Web-Based Email Services

Most email services include a way to send large files via a cloud service. This method is convenient and often not much different from sending a file as a standard email attachment:

  • Gmail: sends files up to 10 GB using Google Drive.
  • iCloud Mail: sends files up to 5 GB with Maildrop turned on using iCloud Drive.
  • Outlook Mail on the web: sends files of up to 10 GB using OneDrive.
  • Yahoo Mail: sends files of up to 5 TB using Google Drive (with Dropbox integration also available).
  • Zoho Mail: sends files up to your Zoho Docs file size limit (with Google Drive, Dropbox, and other services also available).
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