Top 10 Role-Playing Games for PSP

There are quite a few role-playing games available for the Sony PSP. Some of them are continuations of successes from the PlayStation; some are original to the PSP. Here are 10 RPGs that are great fun to play and which should find a favored place in the collection of any role player.

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NIS America has done something few publishers are willing to do with quirky Japanese titles: The company translated Disgaea in a way that keeps the Japanese cultural elements intact. The sequel, "Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days" is also a great game.
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"Final Fantasy" is a legendary series in the history of RPGs, and the PSP version is a remake of the original. It has all the retro appeal of the NES game but with improved graphics and gameplay to make it fun for gamers who don't necessarily want to wrangle with the difficulty of an old-school game. More »

The original "Final Fantasy Tactics" on PS1 is thought by many to be one of the best strategy RPGs ever, and "War of the Lions" makes it accessible to players who don't have a PS1. This version has a new translation, improved graphics, new scenarios and new animated scenes to fill in the story.
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This strategy RPG mixes fantasy elements with the real story of Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years War. While the characters and setting are firmly based on their historical counterparts, the game makes use of magical skills and equipment to add interest to the gameplay. The developer set out to make a game that would appeal to both newcomers to tactical RPGs and old fans of the genre. More »

"Lunar" has appeared on many different consoles over the years, from Sega CD to GBA. The PSP version was an attempt to create a definitive version, in a sense. This version keeps the original anime cutscenes, but updates the in-game graphics and music and adds some new features.
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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (aka Monster Hunter Portable 2G) Screenshot
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (aka Monster Hunter Portable 2G) Screenshot. Capcom

This action RPG was created specifically for the PSP and features rich graphics and addictive gameplay broken up into short missions perfect for on-the-go gameplay. There's a good reason the Monster Hunter series is so popular in its home country of Japan. More »

"Phantasy Star Portable" is, more or less, a portable version of the Phantasy Star online game with new characters and new missions. Unlike most PSP RPGs, the game features a character creation system that lets the player create his own character from a variety of options and settings. More »

This remake of the first title in the Star Ocean series is one of the few RPGs not set in a fantasy world. Instead, it's set in space. It's a remake of an older game but very well done. More »

Like a lot of the games on this list, "Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth" is a port, but an improved one. Lenneth uses the original "Valkyrie Profile" PS1 game, keeping the gameplay intact from the Japanese version, but including the cinematics added to the English version. It also adds brand-new cutscenes, replacing the old anime scenes. It's loosely based on Norse myth, with the player taking the role of a Valkyrie. More »

"Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure" plays like an action adventure, but it's classed as action RPG, so it made it onto this list. Don't be put off by the little girl main character or the power-ups shaped like items of clothing. This game is recommended enthusiastically for all ages and both sexes. More »