Top 5 Recipe Apps for Vegetarians and Vegans

IPhone Recipe Apps for Vegans and Vegetarians

Nearly every iPhone recipe app includes some vegetarian or vegan recipes, but they're not always easy to find because they're mixed in with other content.

These recipe apps either focus specifically on meat-free meals or they provide a special section devoted to their vegan and vegetarian users. If you want to move these apps to your iPad, follow these steps

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The Green Kitchen app is dedicated to vegetarian recipes. The recipe list is limited – there are only 117, but they include main courses, snacks and beverages. You can purchase 28 more recipes through the app. Each includes photos and is marked as to whether it's also vegan, gluten-free or whole grain. Green Kitchen isn't free, but it's close to it.  

Healthy Recipes isn't devoted solely to vegan and vegetarian cooking, but the app makes it easy to identify meat-free meals. It includes more than 500,000 user-submitted recipes and an advanced search option lets you select only vegan or vegetarian dishes. There's a good selection of meat- and animal-free recipes. You can save them to your favorites or share them by email after you identify those you want to try. Nutritional facts are also included for each recipe. Healthy Recipes is free. 

Whole Foods Market Recipes has a gorgeous interface and a robust selection of recipes for all types of foodies. Vegan and vegetarian recipes are noted by a small icon, and the great pictures make all the recipes seem more appealing. The "On Hand" tab is genius – it lets you find recipes based on ingredients you already have. A shopping list, nutritional information and email sharing round out the app's functionality. The Whole Foods app is one that everyone can enjoy, but vegetarians will especially like its meatless recipes and it's free. 

If you prefer professional recipes rather than the user-submitted variety, the free Epicurious app deserves a look. It includes thousands of recipes from Bon Appétit and the now-defunct Gourmet magazine. The app itself is gorgeous, and there are pictures included for most recipes. You can find specific vegetarian or vegan dishes under the search tab, and there are plenty of them. The only downside is that the recipes are displayed in a slideshow format so it can be tedious to scroll through the results list.

The Dinner Spinner app is free and it's another great option for finding vegan and vegetarian recipes. The app contains thousands of user-submitted recipes. The advanced search filters help identify those that are vegan or vegetarian, and there's an option for dairy-free dishes as well. The app's "dinner spinner" helps you come up with quick recipe ideas. It doesn't include a specific vegetarian category, but you can choose vegetables as a main ingredient.