Top Six Portables for the Beach, Camping or Outdoors

These are the top six portables for the beach, camping, the lake or almost any outdoor location.

Coby CX-CD282 Portable Stereo AM/FM Radio, CD and Cassette Player

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The Coby CX-CD282 offers the most important features in a stereo portable for an affordable price. Its full range speaker system includes Dynamic Bass Boost System with a powered woofer. Listen to AM or FM radio, cassettes or discs with its top-loading CD player. Its three-way cassette recording system can record radio, CD or microphone sound. It runs on 120V AC or ten D cell batteries (not included) and it comes with a detachable shoulder strap to take it with you wherever you travel. Best of all, it's priced right. Buy from Amazon »

iHome iPod Portable Sport Case

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The iHome iPod Portable Sport Case is the perfect way to take your iPod with you on a trip and keep it protected. The iHome Sport Case secures your iPod in a zippered case and provides protection against the weather, yet it can be controlled while in the case. It runs on 4 AA batteries or AC and charges the iPod when it's plugged in. Its carry strap makes it perfect for taking your music with you to the beach, camping, the lake or wherever. Comes in your choice of six colors: black, silver, pink, green, red or blue. Buy from Amazon »


The RCA RCD045 is a stereo CD boombox with built in AM/FM radio and a line-in jack for connecting an MP3 player or other external player. Its two speakers include Dynamic Bass Boost for powerful sound and it features 20 track CD programming. Operates on AC or with 6 C cell batteries and comes in two black or silver. Buy from Amazon »

Sanjean DT-220V

The best way to enjoy your favorite radio stations or TV sound while on a trip is the Sanjean DT-220V AM/FM Pocket Size Radio with built-in retractable ear buds. It features a clock, alarm, backlit display and 30 radio presets. Listen to the radio or TV sound with ear buds or through the 1.5" speaker. Runs on AC (optional AC adapter required) or two AA batteries. (Note: TV sound function will not operate after the government mandated switch to digital broadcasts in June, 2009). Buy from Amazon »

Sony ZS-S2iP

The Sony ZS-S2iP Boombox with iPod dock, CD player and AM/FM Radio is ideal for camping trips or the beach. It includes Sony's Mega Bass system for great sound quality and has presets for 30 radio stations. An Audio In port lets you connect other digital music players and it comes with a wireless remote control to adjust volume or change tracks from across the room. When it's plugged in it charges the iPod or it can operate on 6 C sized batteries. Available in Black or White. Buy from Amazon »

Audiovox XMB10

The Audiovox XMB10 XM Boombox lets you take your XM Satellite Radio Receiver with you wherever you go (XM radio receiver and XM subscription required). It features an auxiliary input for connecting an MP3 player and a headphone output jack. It has a four-way speaker system and a built-in XM antenna. It runs on AC power or 8 D cell batteries. Buy from Amazon »

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