Top 5 Pop-Up Ad Blockers

It seems as if every time you click on a link to open one web site 3 or 4 other windows pop up with it to advertise everything from low insurance rates to online casinos. These windows are annoying and eat up your bandwidth. Below are my picks for utilities to stop pop-up and other types of advertising. Also look at firewalls (like ZoneAlarm Pro) which may have some of this functionality.

PanicWare offers an effective pop-up ad blocker utility for FREE. Pop-Up Stopper Free Edition will block pop-up ads in web sites and let you update for free as well. For $29.95 you can purchase the Professional version which includes the ability to log statistics, block cookies, erase Internet history and customize how and when ads should be blocked. More »

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STOPzilla software blocks pop-up ads before they eat up your bandwidth. You can configure how you want to block them and add sites to the "blacklist" to block all ads. The version 2.0 package includes utilities to block spyware, adware and cookies as well as erase Internet history. You can download a free 15-day trial or purchase the registered version for $29.95. More »
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Pop-Up Eraser

For the economical price of $9.95, Pop-Up Eraser provides effective pop-up ad blocking. This software is customizable to let you define how you want the blocking to occur. It can automatically start on Windows start-up or when the computer starts and you can set it to start minimized and access it through the systray. The Pro version ads many other privacy and security features for only $14.95.
Pop Up Killer is a small program that doesn't use much in the way of system resources. It blocks pop up ads without some of the "false positives" some of the other utilities get. You can download a trial version or purchase the product for $29.95. More »
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NoAds is a FREE utility from South Bay Software that will help you eliminate those annoying pop-up ads. It is fully configurable to allow you to control how and when ads should be blocked. It supports the "standard" Internet Explorer and Netscape, as well as the AOL and Opera web browsers. Includes a tutorial to help you configure and maintain the software. More »