The 11 Best Places to Find Free Fonts

Thousands of Free Fonts for the Taking

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Free fonts are a great way to add some pizzazz to your printed or online projects without adding an additional cost. There are plenty of great free fonts out there and there really is no reason to pay for a font when you can get such good ones for free.

When looking for free fonts it can sometimes be difficult to wade through which free font sites are good and which ones are going to only fill your inbox with spam or at worst give your computer a virus. I've made the process of finding your next free font a little bit easier for you by listing my picks for the top 10 places to find free fonts.

These free font sites have thousands of free fonts, are easy to navigate, let you preview the font before downloading and make the process of getting the font you want easy and quick.

Many fonts are downloaded as ZIP files. You'll need to unzip the files before you can use the free font. After the free font file is unzipped you'll then need to go through the simple process of installing the font on your computer before you can use it.

All the free fonts at these websites are free for personal use. Each font will have a note beside it stating if it's free to use commercially or not.

If you're looking for some specialty fonts, here are my top picks for fall fonts, Halloween fonts, and Easter fonts.

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Screenshot of the website tops my list as the best place to find free fonts online and after you spend a few minutes there you'll see that's because the process of finding and getting the font couldn't be simpler from beginning to end.

At you'll find a ton of unique fonts in lots of specific categories which makes it easy to find a good quality font for a general or specific purpose. also makes previewing and downloading the free font of your choice is quick and easy.

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Sceenshot of the FontSpace website

FontSpace boosts that they have thousands of fonts uploaded by users all over the world and indeed they do.

What really sets FontSpace apart from the other free font websites is their list of the top thousand most popular fonts, the ability to preview multiple fonts at once, and the quick process of downloading your chosen font.

Screenshot of the 1001 Free Fonts website
1001 Free Fonts

If you're looking for a lot of different fonts with a great-sized preview window then the free font website 1001 Free Fonts is a great place to go.

Despite the name, there are a lot more than 1,001 fonts here - around 29,000 to be more precise. These free fonts are then broken down by category making it easy to find just what you're looking for.

You'll keep coming back to 1001 Free Fonts because of their large font previews that can easily be customized to show custom text in a variety of different sizes.

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Screenshot of the fontstruct website

Fontstruct is a one of a kind free font website with the main purpose of using their online editor is to actually create your own font. This is a great option if you are looking for something so unique that it hasn't even been created yet.

Fontstruct is also a great place to go because users who have created their own custom fonts often share them so everyone can download the finished product. This makes it a wonderful place to go even if you don't want to spend the time to create your own font.

Screenshot of the Font Squirrel website
Font Squirrel

All the free fonts at Font Squirrel are free for personal uses as well as commercial use. So if you are looking for a free font to use commercially, you'll know that any font you find here is a safe bet.

There aren't quite as many fonts here as some of the other free font websites boost but the ones they have are of great quality and it's great to know that they can all be used commercially.

If you're going to use the font on a website, you'll love that you can preview each font to see how it will look out on the Internet.

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Screenshot of UrbanFonts

You'll love all the ways to find free fonts at UrbanFonts. Some of my favorites is by the top 100, editor's favorites, and using the tags at the bottom of the home page.

The font preview at UrbanFonts has all the standards plus the added feature of allowing you to view the font and background in whatever colors you choose.

Downloads here are straightforward and you'll find it quick and easy to get the font you want on your computer.

Screenshot of abstract fonts
abstract fonts

Abstract fonts has over 13,700 fonts uploaded by designers all over the world. You can browse the free fonts here by category, designer, recent, and popularity.

If you become a registered member at abstract fonts, which isn't required but is completely free, you'll get the added benefit of being able to download up to 100 fonts in one compressed file.

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Screenshot of FontZone's website

FontZone is another source of free font downloads. It has over 50,000 fonts in numerous categories so you can find shadow, script, handwriting, architecture, pixel, cutesy, techno, and rounded fonts, among many other types.

You can also browse for these free fonts by popularity.

All fonts can be previewed before you download them so you can see what custom text will look like under a particular font type.

Registration is optional because it's not required to have an account to download these fonts.

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Screenshot of the Acid Fonts website
Acid Fonts

Acid Fonts has a lot of different categories of free fonts that you can browse through to find the font you want. If browsing isn't your thing then you can also search by keyword.

A simple bare-bones font preview awaits you here and there's no character map to view before you download. The clutter-free look to Acid Fonts might be up your alley if you already know what you're looking for and just want to find a font fast.

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Screenshot of the FFonts website

FFonts has a large amount of unique free fonts here but you'll need to wade your way through some spam to get them.

This is an average free font site but makes the list because of the large amount of varying free fonts available.

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A screenshot of the Fawnt homepage

Fawnt has a lot of free fonts (9,000+) that vary in quality from great to bad. The homepage has a list of the top downloaded fonts, but other than that you'll find yourself wading through some low-quality fonts to find a gem among them.

Once you've found a font you like, you'll be able to preview the font with custom text and view all the characters available.