The 6 Best Phone Adapters (ATAs) to Buy in 2018

Now you can easily turn your traditional landline into an IP phone

Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA), also known as phone adapters, connect traditional landline phones to your Internet router or modem, allowing you to connect via VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) without having to buy an expensive IP phone. This function is useful because VoIP enables you to transmit voice and multimedia content over the Internet rather than through an expensive phone provider, which is great for lowering the cost of those long-distance or international phone calls.

Unfortunately, your normal analog phone is not adapted to the digital network on which VoIP works, so you'll need an ATA. Instead of transmitting your call through traditional landlines, an ATA digitizes that information and transmits it through an IP. The ATA acts as an interface between your phone and the Internet, allowing you to take advantage of the many features of Voice over IP while still using your analog phone.

Best Overall: Ooma Telo

The Ooma Telo connects your analog phone to high speed Internet, allowing you to make crystal clear and reliable phone calls through PureVoice HD technology. Ooma merges traditional functions such as voicemail, call-waiting and caller ID with more advanced features. One of the most exciting features of this VoIP router is its compatibility with some of your favorite devices, including Nest devices, several smartphone products and Amazon Echo for voice-activated dialing. Ooma promises to deliver clear calls at lightning speeds, even when the Internet is busy, thanks to a unique compression algorithm that reduces bandwidth consumption by 60 percent when compared to its competitors.

Best VoiP Functionality: Obi202

If you are looking for the perfect ATA that will work for both personal and home office needs, the Obi202 is the perfect choice. Obi202 supports 4 VoIP services and has two ports, which means that it can support two phone calls or faxes simultaneously. This system touts T.38 Real Time Fax over IP and High Quality Voice over IP. It can support all of your home office needs from conference calls, call forwarding and transfer, call waiting and voicemail. It can be set up to integrate with iPhone and Android apps and it works with Google Voice. This product is ideal for both home businesses and typical users who simply want to save money on their phone bill by using VoIP.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Obi200

Another reliable product from Obihai, the Obi200 is a somewhat simpler version of the Obi202. This analog telephone adapter has only one port instead of the two that can be found on the Obi202. While this limits the number of calls or faxes that you can make to only one at a time, the more simplified model could be perfect for someone interested in using their ATA for personal use only. This model also works with Google Voice and has all of the other functions, including T.38 fax, that are standard with VoIP connections.

Another option for users interested in an ATA that will significantly reduce the cost of local and long distance phone calls to the United States and Canada is the Magicjack Go. This product easily connects to your existing home phone and wireless connection.

Magicjack Go has fewer added features than other ATAs, but one stand-out feature is its portability. Weighing only five ounces, its compact design allows you to tuck the Magicjack Go into your suitcase during international travel, so that you can continue to make and receive calls from home for free. Magicjack Go is the perfect choice for frequent travelers who want to stay connected back home. The easy-set up, convenient app and lack of any monthly fees are also nice features.

Best Security: Grandstream GS HT701

The Grandstream GS-HT701 is another excellent choice of Analog Telephone Adapters that is a little less expensive than other options on the market. This product provides you with all the special features of call waiting, three-way calling, caller ID, Do Not Disturb mode and more.

It has superb sound quality on all calls and excellent manageability. The Grandstream GS-HT701 features excellent security protection for maximum voice and data protection, so you can operate it worry-free. The Grandstream can be hooked up to both analog phones and fax machines, making it a great choice for a home office on a budget. It protects data with TLS/SRTP/HTTPS and sends automated provisioning using TR069 and HTTPS.

Best for Voice Quality: Cisco SPA112

The Cisco SPA112 Phone Adapter comes with two ports for connecting your landline phone or fax machine. It provides high quality VoIP connections with many interesting features. You are free to make clear and reliable phone calls or send faxes without tying up your Internet connection. With the Cisco SPA112, you can expect all the typical features that come with VoIP connections, such as call waiting, voicemail, Caller ID and more. This is a reliable ATA for both home and office needs, especially for those who demand crystal-clear voice over conference call, a feature cellphones still don’t have down compared to a landline. 


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