The 8 Best PC Games to Buy for Kids in 2017

Scope out the best games for your little ones to enjoy

For kids, toys and games can make the familiarity of life more approachable. Below we’ve compiled the eight best PC games for kids that will not only make them more familiar and adapted to computers, but show them a little fun. You’ll find PC games where your kid can build virtually anything, learn to type, or play their favorite superheroes. Each PC game here was written with approachability and age appropriateness in mind, so you don’t have to worry about anything too mature. Hey, maybe you'll even join in on the excitement.


For a child, Legos are the ultimate toys – you could build anything. Minecraft is the same way without the expense: a therapeutic kid-friendly game where one can build anything including replicas of entire towns and cities. Minecraft is the perfect game for introducing computer literacy and unleashing the imagination of your kid.

Minecraft is the second best-selling video game of all time, winning numerous awards and accolades for its creative play-style. The blocky-cartoon style gameplay allows for your kid to choose between two modes: survival (where players have to gather natural resources and protect themselves from monsters and environmental hazards – nothing bloody) and sandbox (where the player can use infinite resources to build anything.)

Though it may take a couple of tries for your child to figure things out, it’s not too complex to be unplayable. There are a number of tutorials and walkthroughs that the game includes to assure your kid understands the best ways to play. Minecraft can be a little repetitive, but you’ll never run out of things to build.


Does your kid like sports? Fast cars? Rocket League may be the perfect PC game for them – a soccer type game where players compete with one another to score goals with a giant ball by hitting it in nets with their high-powered race cars.

Rocket League features fast-paced, team-oriented gameplay with a clear objective. Kids can design their own unique race car with custom abilities by using more than the 10 billion possible combinations in game. Modes include a single player Season Mode, eight-player online action with different team sizes and configurations, and a two- ,three-, and four- player split screen mode that can be played locally or online with other split screen players.

If your kid’s friends happen to own both a PlayStation 4 and Rocket League, they’ll be able to play with each other through competitive cross-platform gameplay. The gameplay is easy to master and includes simple concepts, but many Amazon reviewers warn how addicting and exciting it is.

American Truck Simulator allows you to operate and drive massive, branded big rigs and features genuine and highly detailed licensed trucks. The same trucks that your kid points out to on the road can actually be driven in the game. They’ll be able to fully customize their truck with new cabins, paint jobs, engines and more. And since their curiosity will get the best of them, your kids will see how they haul various cargos, transport food, machinery and even hazardous chemical loads. It’s a big job, and they’ll learn a thing or two. They’ll experience the open road in various real cities, the countryside of America and explore famous landmarks, too.

Parents who bought American Truck Simulator love it for its realism and practical gameplay. It’s one of the highest rated games on Amazon to date, so even if your kids aren’t truck crazy, they’ll still find some enjoyment in it. If your computer isn’t on the high end of hardware, you may want to adjust your graphic settings in the options menu of the game to assure smooth gameplay.

Parents who want to teach their kids proficient typing and make it fun should invest in Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum 5. It's a teaching lesson disguised as a video game. Kids will embark on Typer Island where they will complete adventures geared towards step-by-step lessons, challenges, tests and games that will motivate them to keep hitting the keys. Along the way, they’ll meet interesting interactive characters that will reward them for their typing efforts. The arcade-style game features multiple levels, over 30 game challenges and can be played in both English and Spanish.

Roller coasters and animals, need we say more? Who wouldn’t be excited at the thought of building their very own theme park? How about designing multiple roller coasters? Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 is a modern update to a classic that introduces water rides, animal parks and an exciting first-person mode, so you can ride the rides you’ve designed.

The zany, wacky theme park builder game will get kids to customize their own rides, as well as while teach them to be responsible by managing a successful theme park. If the rides are too chaotic and inhumane, the virtual park visitors will complain, throw up and leave. Kids won’t just be building, but also handling money, visitor feedback, delegating jobs and many more adult things that will show them how the business world works.

Got a little Picasso at home that’s too young to use Photoshop? Maybe you want to give them something a little more astute than MS Paint, but a little less complex than Adobe? Crayola Art Studio is the perfect introductory art studio game for your little one. It has won numerous awards from Parents’ Choice Foundation, Nation Association of Parenting Publications and more.

Crayola Art Studio introduces a 12 realistic art tools, including watercolor, chalk, acrylic paint, tempera paint, oil pastel and more. Kids can choose hundreds of pre-set colors or mix their own on digital palettes. They'll be able to select 1,000 editable images to supplement their artwork and learn editing techniques. The easy-to-use drawing tools allow for a quick learning curve, so your child can start making masterpieces as soon as they play.

One of the most unique features of the game is its ability to import any standard digital file. This means you can download or upload a file to paint on or alter without having to recreate it in the program itself. Kids can then print out or save the file they’ve made adjustments to as well. 

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI allows kids to build their own civilization and spread it across a large-scale map. Kids will create custom cities, traverse and utilize their local terrain, research their culture and technology, learn dynamic diplomacy among foreign lands and build an army to protect or invade territories. While they’re progressing outward to rule the world, they will have to maintain and treat their civilization well in order for it to survive and succeed.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI won 15 E3 Awards, including Best PC Game and Best Strategy Game. Its complex and multi-layered gameplay can take a little while to learn, but eager kids who are confident in spear-heading a PC Game can learn to master it (and the world).

The Goosebumps Game for PC is based off of (you guessed it) R.L. Stine’s famous monsters in the Goosebumps books and is the prequel to the major motion picture of the same name. If your kids enjoy spooky (but not too spooky) monsters, puzzle solving and mysteries, then this is the sure-fire PC game to get them. Their objective is to outsmart the monsters that have invaded the local neighborhood and rid them once and for all through analytical and creative problem solving.

Parents on Amazon who own the game say their kids love it for its challenging puzzles and interesting characters. If your child is easily scared or doesn’t like talking dolls, then it’s reasonable to look for another game on our list.

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