Top 5 PC Gaming Myths

What You Need to Know About PC Gaming Hardware

If you're looking to purchase a gaming PC, deciding what hardware components to put in your rig can ultimately affect your performance in game. But do you really need the most expensive video card? Or will the fastest six-core CPU help you win battles? Find the answers to these questions in this list of the "Top 5 PC Gaming Myths."

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I Need the Most Expensive Video Card

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This common myth instills the idea that the costliest video card on the market is the best solution for any gamer. Hold on one minute. If your display doesn't support high resolutions, such as 1920x1080 or 2560x1600, the benefits of the most expensive graphics card won't be realized. There are also a variety of budget-friendly graphics cards that allow for expansion by adding a second video card with a compatible motherboard.

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Fastest Processor Equals Better Gaming

This common misconception doesn't take into account the fact that some games cannot utilize the performance boost of a faster CPU. The best gaming systems are well-rounded without one particular bottleneck component (for instance, having a high-end CPU but a slow video card). To find out if your CPU is limiting your performance, test out your PC's frames per second within a game at different resolutions. If the average frame rate doesn't change, chances are you're being limited by your CPU. There are a variety of programs to test frames per second, but FRAPS is a common utility.

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1000 Watt (or Higher) Power Supplies Are Always Beneficial

If you're a mainstream gamer with average components, you most likely don't need a 1000 Watt or higher power supply. Many components nowadays are increasingly energy efficient, such as the new 2nd Generation Intel Sandy Bridge processors, so the draw on power won't require such a powerful PSU. Gamers who run dual high-end video cards in SLI or CrossFireX configuration benefit the most from having a high-end power supply.

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I Want a Gaming PC, so I Need a Gaming Case

Some of the best gaming rigs out there don't use a designated "gaming case." Unless you're absolutely set on having an aggressive gaming design, such as blinged out lights and bright colors, there are a variety of excellent cases on the market that aren't made specifically for gamers. The features you want to look for in any case include excellent airflow, abundance of fans, multiple ports and easy access.

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Solid State Drives (SSD) Speed up Gameplay

While the benefits of adding a solid state drive to your rig are numerous, the unfortunate truth is that an SSD will not garner faster gameplay. It will, however, improve load times but after that, it's up to your GPU, CPU, and internet connection (for online gaming) to create a faster, high performance gaming scenario.