Top Outlook Productivity Add Ons

Outlook is great and big. Part of its greatness, of course, is that you can make it even bigger — with add-ons that enhance Outlook and render your time spent spinning wheels smaller.

Find the best Outlook productivity add-ons here.

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SimplyFile turns filing Outlook messages into a one-click action and, having learned by example, suggests the correct target folder, too. More »

Nelson Email Organizer helps you handle email better in less time with Outlook. More »

ClearContext Professional plugs into Outlook seamlessly, magic- and automatically transforming your Inbox into a cleaner, leaner, organized and better place. More »

Lookeen finds everything fast in Outlook — no matter the account, folder, PST file or type (from email to meeting to attachment). More »

SpeedFiler makes filing email in Outlook a snap and even suggests the most likely target folder intelligently. More »

Xobni puts emails in context: previous conversations with a sender, their key contacts and files exchanged, all put alongside emails as you view them in Outlook or available via fast search. More »

E-mail Follow-Up can remind you if an email you sent did not receive a reply after a certain time, and it's easy to send a follow-up reminder to the original recipient, too. More »

Auto-Mate applies flexible rules to your Outlook folders (a number of smart filters are already included) periodically, automatically organizing your mail in the manner of a personal assistant. More »

ReplyMate - Outlook Productivity Add-On

ReplyMate makes it easy to collect frequently used text, complete emails or even attachments and paste them into emails fast in Outlook.

Add Contacts automatically builds your Outlook address book by adding new recipients of your emails or replies to a Contacts folder of your choice. More »

Save Message InboxRULES Action - Outlook Productivity Add-On

Save Message InboxRULES Action is a near-perfect solution for saving messages and attachments automatically and flexibly from Outlook to disk using Outlook's native rules engine or plugging right into Exchange Server.