The Best Open Source RSS Readers for Android

Stay up-to-date while on the go

Really Simple Syndication (RSS), sometimes also called Rich Site Summary, has been a popular way to deliver website updates since around 2000. These free and open-source RSS readers for Android allow you to access your favorite online content whenever and wherever you want.

These apps are available in the Google Play Store. Check the system requirements to make sure they are compatible with your device.

Flipboard: Best Open Source RSS Reader

Flipboard app for Android
What We Like
  • Easy-to-navigate interface.

  • Suggests new feeds based on your interests.

  • Share your feeds with others.

What We Don't Like
  • Not compatible with VPNs.

  • Comment sections can be toxic.

Best described as a smart magazine, Flipboard is one of the most popular social news apps for Android. It displays the top news stories from all of your feeds all on one screen by default, but you can customize the layout and even share your personal Flipboard with the world. In addition to articles, you can also get videos, podcasts, and more.

Sparse RSS Mod: Best Simple Open Source RSS Reader for Android

Sparse RSS Mod for Android
What We Like
  • Loads feeds in the background so you always have the latest updates.

  • Choose between dark and light themes.

  • Supports AMP and Google Weblight integration.

What We Don't Like
  • Missing some features of the original Sparse RSS.

  • Still has bugs to iron out on some devices.

Do you just want a no-frills RSS feed reader? As the name suggests, Sparse RSS Mod is based on the source code for Google's Sparse RSS. It also has a widget, so you can get updates on your home screen. If you want to try Sparse RSS, but you don't want to sideload it on your device, this mod is worth a download.

News Break: Best RSS Reader for News

News Break RSS feed reader for Android
What We Like
  • Automatically pulls from over 10,000 local news sources.

  • Keep tabs on local businesses.

  • Share comments on news stories.

What We Don't Like
  • No national news.

  • Incessant notifications.

News Break is an AI-driven RSS feed reader that collects news stories and videos from around the globe. When you enter your zip code, the app automatically populates with local news feeds. It even provides real-time updates on breaking news topics in addition to what's already on your feed.

Podcast Addict: Best RSS Reader for Podcasts

Podcast Addict app for Android
What We Like
  • Makes it easy to browse and search for podcast.

  • Integrates with YouTube and SoundCloud.

  • Automatically backs up your podcasts to the cloud.

What We Don't Like
  • The RSS reader could offer more options.

  • Occasionally cluttered interface.

Although many RSS reader apps support podcasts, Podcast Addict is specifically designed to help you find and keep up with them. It also features a standard RSS feed reader. In addition to Android smartphones and tablets, Podcast Addict supports Android Auto, Chromecast, and Wear OS devices.

Flym: Best RSS Feed Reader for Offline Reading

Flym RSS app on Android
What We Like
  • Impressive interface.

  • Supports OPML.

  • Dark and light themes.

What We Don't Like
  • Occasional bugs.

  • Doesn't sync with other online RSS feed readers.

Flym News Reader hasn't been around as long as some other apps on this list, but it's worth a mention. It comes with a number of built-in news feeds to choose from. The impressive interface is optimized for reading offline, so you don't need to be connected to the web to view your feeds.