Top NFL Apps for Android

No sport is as passionately followed as is NFL Football. Whether you want to follow your fantasy team, check NFL news, follow player-owner negotiations or watch a game when away from your television, the Android Market has everything you need to keep you in the game. 

As a fan of the New York Football Giants, as well as the entire NFL, I use a few Android apps that give me my NFL fix year round. Here is a list of my favorite apps, all available in the Android Market. 

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NFL Mobile gives single click access to game highlights, live look into games, stats, standings and social media information posted about your favorite team.

This app does require a lot of data (as of this writing) and is best used while connected to Wi-Fi.  

Definitely a must install! More »

Show your team pride with live NFL team wallpaper on your Android device. Scroll through the list of NFL teams, choose your favorite team (which should be the Giants) and install the free wallpaper to your device.

As with all live wallpapers, those downloaded from Best NFL Live Wallpaper will consume system resources and do increase the chances of your device locking up.  More »

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If you are a fantasy football team owner, you are probably well aware of how popular and seamless Yahoo! fantasy football is. This app gives you total access to your fantasy football team right from your Android device. 

The developers, Yahoo! Inc, must take great pride in this app as they provide consistent updates to fix any identified bugs.

The app has run smoothly on my Droid, Incredible and Eris and, though I am still a rookie when it comes to fantasy football, is easy to use and gives me the ability to keep an eye on my team wherever I am. More »

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ESPN Scorecenter

No sports app list would be complete without adding something from ESPN. The Scorecenter app is a simple yet powerful app that provides scoring updates from every professional and college sports game. With the ability to set your favorite sports and teams, you can have a single screen showing the scores and recent game results for all your favorite teams.

As a I am a fan of the NFL, NHL and MBL, I use this app quite often to check in on team scores and league news. Having one place to get my sports fix is a fantastic benefit that this app provides wonderfully.

Highly recommended!

With fantastic graphics and great game play, Backbreaker Football, available at Google Play for $2.99, is one of the most popular football games for Android devices.

The overall rating for this app is 4 stars but has received many poor ratings since they released the update to support Android 2.2. My suggestion is if you are running 2.1 or earlier, then give this game a try. If your phone is running 2.2 or higher, wait until the developers release an update to fix the bugs that are plaguing this app.

My experience with this app has been good. More »

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NFL Football News

I love this app because each NFL team has their own dedicated page. For many fans, the off-season is as exciting as is the season, and having an app like NFL Football News gives fans the opportunity to keep up to date and current on everything that is going on with their favorite team year round.

This app also provides up to date and very current NFL wide news so you can see what your rivals are up to.

During the season, you'll never have to wonder about the status of all the games underway with this app's scoreboard.

Though not as robust as Verizon's NFL Mobile app, this small app uses very little system resources. This allows this app to connect quickly and saves you time when you just need a scoring update or to check in on NFL news.

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