Top 22 Favorite New Year's E-Cards and E-Card Sites

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Send New Year's e-cards and invitations by email from the best greeting card sites.

The Right Kind of Card for Your Kind of New Year

How do you like to welcome the new year? Do you prefer loud and spectacular or silent and tranquil? Or is your idea of celebrating New Year's Eve to go for your affairs like usual and just let it slip by? Either way, you can welcome others to your new year and your New Year's party with an e-card – loud or tranquil.

Here are my favorite sites to compose and send New Year's e-cards.

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Jacquie Lawson

It is raining—fireworks and champagne for the cats and dogs in one of Jacquie Lawson's festive New Year's e-cards. In another, a bird works hard for a bubble bath well deserved.

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Punchbowl New Year's eCards

If the imagery and calligraphy sparkle and coax with ambiance and style, so should the background; so should the envelope; so should the envelope's lining. At Punchbowl, send marvelously designed e-cards to greet the new year (or NY Eve party invitations just so brilliantly done, of course).

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For its paid members, has cards for New Year's resolutions, for a new year of love and togetherness, funny animated greeting cards, and a lot more.

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Celebrate the arrival of a new year with spectacular Aurora Borealis — and a firework, of course.

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CardCow Vintage Postcards

A new year begins just about every January 1, and the vintage New Year's cards found at are just as gorgeous and up-to-date today as they were years ago.

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Class is what is needed; class and champagne; and cheers! Find cheers, class and champagne (and much more, of course) in cards for New Year's Eve. You can easily turn the greetings into invitations, too.

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JustWink Cards

Sarcasm is not funny. Except, of course, when it is. There is some sarcasm and plenty of fun in JustWink's New Year's e-cards.

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New Year's Eve is particularly spectacular on the blue mountain. Paid members get access to a huge collection of nice, animated New Year's greeting cards (from elegant to the hair of the dog).

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Katie's Cards

It's a firework of New Year's greetings if not in quantity then in quality at Katie's Cards.

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Another year begins, and it can begin in great spirits with one of the classy electronic New Year's cards you can send from Hallmark.

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Whatever the new year may bring, the fireworks are almost guaranteed and the wonderful greeting card from as much as certain.

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Kisseo's New Year's e-cards very in style, but they all tend to be appropriately busy and colorful.

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It is time, and has been for quite some, to send exuberantly simple New Year's greetings from the one, only and original

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The mice and father time ring in a doggone new year at GreetingSpring.

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All the best wishes and inspiration, of course, but also good-natured fun can be sent with New Year's cards.

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Ring in a good new year with animated and, well, fun greetings from MyFunCards.

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It's not a huge collection of New Year's greeting cards, but a flashy one -- with one or the other silent card in between. The new year with is certainly not going to be boring.

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1001 Postcards

Not exactly 1001 postcards, but many, many great New Year's greeting cards can be found here. They're all neatly drawn, and some are neatly animated, too.

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Not only can you select from a great, diverse collection of New Year's greeting cards at Care2, you can do something for the environment at the same time, too. Care2 donates some of its revenue to environmental organizations.

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Sloppy Kiss Cards

Out of this world or around the word: the beautiful Sloppy Kiss Cards dogs go everywhere to wish a very happy new year.

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A true firework of New Year's greetings can be launched from The collection of cards is small, but nice.

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Start the new year with simple and charming greeting cards from Deepestfeelings.