The Top 10 New and Updated Android Games

From new releases to updates to great games, these are the games to download.

Mobile games are frequently released and updated at a breakneck pace these days, with many interesting titles often falling by the wayside. Bookmark this page and check it regularly, as the most interesting games – not just the ones featured on front pages – will be listed here.

One More Jump
Screenshot of One More Jump by SMG Studio. SMG Studio

SMG Studio of Thumb Drift fame partners with fellow Australian studio Premo Games to bring a Geometry Dash twist to the One More series of games. This particular entry does some welcome things to the genre, including one-handed portrait play, and a cool daily endless mode feature. These are fixed-design endless levels that you can play over and over for one day, trying to advance further to get a new high score for distance. The structure of this game is a huge reason as to why it stands out among some similar, popular titles. More »

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Badland 2
Badland 2 for Android screenshot. Frogmind/Cheetah Mobile

The flappy platformer sequel from iOS finally makes its way to Android, though it was an interesting path for its final release. The game's initial launch had a more standard consumable IAP model. That's been removed in exchange for a similar IAP model as the original Badland, where the game is free to download but the premium unlock costs $3.99. Cheetah Mobile, the publisher of the sequel, caught some flack for implementing the previous system when the original Badland was freemium and the iOS versions are paid. Players eventually got what they wanted. More »

Lumines Puzzle and Music
Screenshot of rhythmic puzzle game Lumines Puzzle and Music. mobcast

This rhythmic puzzle game was a major PSP launch game that should throw PSP owners back to the halcyon days of 2005 when they play this. There's a free-to-play version coming as well, but this paid version features mostly new tracks, but a selection of classic tracks and skins as well that really take me back. The game has you trying to form squares that are detonated to the beat of the music by way of a line crossing the screen to the beat, and it's a unique concept, albeit one that works best with headphones. More »

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Screenshot of Wands for Gear VR. NUX Studios

This interesting game for Gear VR has you playing the role of a magic wielder, equipping your wand with various spells, and engaging in battles with other wizards, including other players in an online multiplayer battle. While it would be shocking if this didn't spread to other VR platforms, if not gaming platforms in general, this at least looks like a cool experience for owners of the Samsung VR headset. More »

Head of State
Policies screen in political satire Head of State. Ed Biden

With the American presidential election in full swing, perhaps you have a taste for a political simulation with a satirical twist – assuming the election isn't mocking itself enough at this point. Head of State puts you in a world of actual political animals as you make myriad decisions that will ensure you can gain enough control in society that you can become a successful populist politician that triggers a revolution, balancing out the needs of the different regions of Concordia. It's all a thinly-veiled satire of American politics, and maybe having some control of that sounds appealing? More »

Steppy Pants
Screenshot of Steppy Pants for Android. Super Entertainment

Australia has become a major hotspot for casual mobile games, and Steppy Pants is the latest in that proud tradition, with former developers of Fruit Ninja behind this one. This one has you trying not to step on cracks in the sidewalk. It's basically the Monty Python "The Ministry of Silly Walks" sketch as a video game. Basically, you have to figure out how to properly step in a way that doesn't cause you to fall on your butt but also allows you to develop a rhythm while stepping from uneven sidewalk stone to the next. The game also has an interesting aspect where the sidewalk you're stepping through has a permanent layout, and checkpoints to reach, so you're walking back through the parts that you were before. It's an interesting structure for a casual game, though of course it has the Crossy Road style of monetization with all sorts of goofy outfits to unlock. More »

Stretch Dungeon
Screenshot of Nitrome's new human pinball game, Stretch Dungeon. Nitrome

Not just content to update Leap Day, Nitrome keeps putting out new games that they've published (Magic Mansion) along with their internally-developed titles like Stretch Dungeon. You tap to expand and contract the walls of the dungeon, trying to bump the old, bearded protagonist around like a human pinball. A mixture of level-based progression (with an ending) and high score chasing makes this an interesting combo. More »

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Enyo Screenshot
Screenshot of Enyo by Tinytouchtales. Tinytouchtales

 The developer of Card Crawl, one of 2015's best games, developed this roguelike as an interim project while Card Thief is in development. This game recalls Hoplite but forces you to make use of a shield and hookshot in order to defeat your enemies by way of unique methods. You can shove enemies, or pull them into traps, but there are no direct kills here. Many of those enemies can attack and can send you into the same traps, so smart play is key here. This is well worth the free download, with an in-app purchase to unlock expert and daily modes. More »

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Leap Day Screen 2

Nitrome's daily platformer is quite possibly their most popular game yet, and the game has been the benefactor of a couple of key updates recently. One brought a bunch of new characters and traps to the game, expanding the variety of the daily level system. Another is bringing cloud saves to the game, making this daily platformer something that can be enjoyed independent of the device the game was started on, at least when it comes to your daily progress.  More »

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Screenshot of Outfolded by 3 Sprockets. 3 Sprockets

3 Sprockets cooperated on the development of one of the best games of 2015 in Pac-Man 256, but the Aussie studio has also turned out its own work with the Cubemen games, and now this casual puzzler. And by casual, I mean very casual: the game takes a no-worries approach to how players can undo moves as much as they want, and can buy unlimited hints for one price. The puzzles get rather challenging, as you try to fold out shapes in such a way that they reach the goal point, with different objects that you have to use in different orders to get there. Very challenging, to be sure, but at least the game is as friendly as it possibly could be. More »