Top Movie Trivia Games for the iPad

Do you have an addiction to Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Do you try to stump your friends with obscure movie quotes? Can you name a movie from one glimpse of a scene or just a list of the main actors? It's time to separate the movie buffs from the casual fans and the film aficionados from the theater newbies with a list of the best movie trivia games on the iPad.

First up is Movie Quiz Free. This rapid-fire quiz game presents you with an image from the movie and four choices. The quicker you get to the right choice, the more coins you will earn. And those coins stick with you, allowing you to unlock new categories. (Yes, you can buy extra coins via in-app purchase, but it really doesn't take long to earn coins through the game.)

It may lack some of the depth of the other games on this list, but makes up for it by being a great casual game. This is the type of game you boot up in the doctor's waiting room or on the train into work. You can get through one session in just a few minutes, and the game is fun enough to keep you entertained.

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Doodle Movie Challenge

Do you love trivia games with a sense of humor? Doodle Movie Challenge is your standard 'name that scene' movie trivia game -- only with doodles. The actual drawings are what you might expect to see from a bored 8th grader, but the details are surprisingly distinct when comparing the movies on the list. If you've seen it, you'll know it.

Want to try before you buy? You can download the free version.

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Scene It? Movies 2

Scene It? jumps out of your DVD player and onto your iPad with Scene It? Movies 2. The game supports a wide variety of movie trivia accessed through two game modes: Solo or Movie Pass.

In solo play, you'll score points based not only on getting the right answer, but on how quickly you can get the answer. But don't think you'll just be pumping out multiple choice trivia. You'll have to solve mini games which include putting movies in the right order and being quizzed on video clips.

Movie Pass will have you passing the iPad around to your friends as you race to get the answers right. It's like a juiced up Solo play with a secret timer ready to boot a random contestant off at any moment, so it is important to get a right answer as soon as possible.

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MovieCat! HD

MovieCat! HD for iPad
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The perfect marriage of movie trivia and feline obsession, MovieCat puts the cat in movie. Or, at least it would if there was a cat in movie. MovieCat! has a number of different movie trivia mini-games that will have you naming quotes and identifying movie soundtracks, but the best part is the guess-the-scene puzzles.

Similar to Doodle Movie Challenge, MovieCat reskins each scene, but rather than have sketchy doodles, these scenes have taken on a distinctive cat-like appearance. This light-hearted approach to movie trivia leads to many hours of addictive fun.

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Movie Challenge HD

Movie Challenge HD
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Movie Challenge tops out the list of movie trivia games, offering a series of challenging mini-games that range from recognizing movie quotes to arranging movies in a specific order. Laid out like a board game, Movie Challenge gives you power ups that let you reshuffle the board or even consult the Internet for the right answer.

The game can be played on easy, medium and hard difficulty settings and features three distinctive types of game, including a blindfold game where you won't know the category of question until you are into the mini-games. The end result is a great mix of movie trivia, challenging puzzles and casual game play that can lead to quite a wicked addiction.