Top 8 Mobile News Sites

Read news on your smartphone, tablet, or PDA

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If you have internet access and a smartphone, tablet, or PDA, you can keep up with the news while you're on the go. Some news outlets have separate site layouts for mobile users, but the content is the same. Here's a rundown of the top mobile news websites.

These websites are accessible from any web-enabled device. Some of them also have dedicated mobile apps.

Best Investigative Reporting: ABC News

ABC News home page on a mobile device
What We Like
  • Watch videos from Good Morning America, Nightline, and 20/20.

  • Watch live coverage of current events.

  • Read articles offline.

What We Don't Like
  • Sensational headlines.

  • Sponsored content.

The top stories on ABC News are usually focused on the U.S., but if you scroll down the main page, you'll find news from all around the world. There are clips from ABC's investigative shows like 20/20 as well as live video feeds of important congressional proceedings and breaking news.

Best 24-Hour Network: CNN

CNN home page on a mobile device
What We Like
  • Watch live CNN and HLN.

  • Local news for GPS-enabled devices.

What We Don't Like
  • Unlimited live streaming requires a cable subscription.

  • Some content is region restricted.

CNN's homepage has hundreds of new articles every day covering current events in the U.S. and beyond. The news is well categorized, and the layout is decent despite being littered with ads. If you have a cable package, you can watch the 24-hour news channel live from anywhere.

Best Regional News: Los Angeles Times

LA Times home page on a mobile device
What We Like
  • Content you won't find in the print newspaper.

  • Traffic alerts for Los Angeles.

What We Don't Like
  • Subscription required.

  • Annoying ads and popups.

In addition to popular news categories such as Business, National, and World news, you can catch up on your horoscope, search for cars that are for sale, and even job hunt. It may not be worth it if you live outside of California, but if you already have a subscription to the print edition of the The LA Times, then you should really take advantage of the website.

Best Crossword Puzzles: The New York Times

NY Times home page on a mobile device
What We Like
  • In-depth reporting.

  • Daily online crossword puzzles.

What We Don't Like
  • Requires a subscription.

  • Buggy mobile app.

Subscribers have full access to the New York Times’ content from its website. There's also plenty of things you won't find in the print edition, like videos and podcasts. If you’ve registered at, you can also set up My Alerts to track news stories by topic or keyword.

Best Financial News: The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal home page on a mobile device
What We Like
  • Flexible subscription plans.

  • Luxury real estate listings.

What We Don't Like
  • Too many ads.

  • Cluttered homepage.

Get your daily market updates from The Wall Street Journal’s mobile site. Stock quotes are listed on the home page, and you can tap the section heading to check the major U.S. indexes and track top moving stocks. Other news sections include Weekend & Leisure and Arts & Entertainment.

Best Longform Journalism: TIME

TIME Magazine home page on a mobile device
What We Like
  • Interactive content.

  • Video game and software reviews.

What We Don't Like
  • Search feature disappears in portrait view.

  • Pricey subscription fees.

Rather focusing on breaking news, TIME magazine specializes in long-form political journalism and commentary. In addition to everything you'll find in the print version, TIME's website also contains entertaining content such as photo essays, video game reviews, quotes of the day, and more.

Best Sports Coverage: USA Today

USA Today home page on a mobile device
What We Like
  • NBA scores on the homepage.

  • Fun games and quizzes.

What We Don't Like
  • Customer service gets mixed reviews.

  • Advertisements all over.

If you scroll past all of the ads, you'll find breaking news stories, political commentary, as well as important information like sports updates. USA Today also has an extensive travel section that is helpful for finding cool things to do in the U.S. and cities around the globe. The ads are annoying, but you can pay to remove them.

Conservative Perspectives: Fox News

Fox News home page on a mobile device
What We Like
  • Robust social media integration.

  • Watch videos from Fox Business.

What We Don't Like
  • Politically biased reporting.

  • Video interface needs improvement.

If you're a fan of Fox News, you won't be disappointed with the network's website. The coverage tends to be heavier on commentary than actual news, but the website has informative articles about breaking developments in science and technology. Like CNN's site, there is an option to watch live TV for cable subscribers.