Top 9 iPhone Ringtone Apps

Best Ringtone Apps for Your iPhone and iPod Touch

Wondering how to create custom ringtones for your iPhone? With the launch of iTunes 10, Apple removed the ability to create and buy custom ringtones from that software. However, thanks to a variety of third-party apps, there are still plenty of options for creating your own unique ringtones for the iPhone. With these apps, you can create your own ringtone using purchased music or simply select one of thousands of pre-made ringtones.

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Ringtone Star

Ringtone Star is my top pick among iPhone ringtone apps. This nifty app has one of the best editing interfaces I've seen, which makes it easy to edit your existing music into iPhone ringtones. What really sets Ringtone Star apart, however, is its support for both audio and video files. You can use the app to create unlimited ringtones up to 40 seconds long. 

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Ringtone Designer Pro

If you want to create your own iPhone ringtones, Ringtone Designer Pro is the app for you. The app allows you to make unlimited custom ringtones using your iPod music library or recorded sounds. Each ringtone can be up to 40 seconds long. The app is incredibly simple to use, although you will need to sync with iTunes to transfer ringtones to your iPhone. Ringtone Designer Pro is my favorite app for creating ringtones from my existing music library. 

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Ringtone Wizard Pro

Ringtone Wizard Pro is another app that can help you make your own iPhone ringtones. As an added bonus, the app is also compatible with the fourth-generation iPod touch, so you can make ringtones for FaceTime. Ringtone Wizard Pro has lots of options, including the ability to create separate custom ringtones for each contact. You can also send ringtones to friends via email. 

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RingTunes costs more than most iPhone ringtone apps, but it does have an excellent interface. I love the design, but you’ll have to decide if that is worth a few extra bucks. With the RingTunes app, you can create custom ringtones up to 40 seconds long, share your ringtones via email, and preview your ringtone during the editing process. The File Manager is a neat feature for managing your ringtone library

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Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker works much like the apps discussed above. Just select a song from your iPod library, create a 40-second clip, and apply optional features like fade in/fade out. You can also use the microphone to create custom ringtones. The interface isn’t quite as sleek as Ringtone Designer Pro, but it gets the job done. 

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1,500 Ringtones Unlimited

If creating your own ringtone is too much effort, the 1,500 Ringtones Unlimited app offers access to a variety of different iPhone ringtones (although 1,500 is a bit of an exaggeration). There’s no subscription fee, and you don’t have to pay per download. The interface is intuitive as it is flashy and fun -- ringtones are divided into categories including music, funny sounds, relaxing tones, and ambient sounds. 

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Caller ID Ringtones

Caller ID Ringtones works a little differently than the other ringtone apps. Instead of creating ringtones from music, the Caller ID Ringtones app speaks the name of whoever is calling you. Over 1,500 names and 500 relationships are supported, so you can hear "your Mom is calling" if you want. The app also includes various themes -- work appropriate, funny, etc. -- that you can apply to different contacts. 

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Ring.tones+ has one of the cutest interfaces I've seen -- and I have tested a lot of ringtone apps. Instead of creating your own ringtones, Ring.tones+ includes more than 100 sounds, including alarms, animal noises, gunshots, fart sounds, etc. The selection is rather limited compared to other ringtone apps, but Ring.tones+ is a good choice if you want a basic ringtone. 

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HD Ringtone Creator Unlimited

HD Ringtone Creator Unlimited is a solid choice among iPhone ringtone apps. It is easy to use, works well, and allows you to create unlimited ringtones from your existing iTunes music library. My only complaint is that you can't edit while a song is playing.