Top iPhone 4 Cases

8 Great Options

A case is practically a requirement for the iPhone 4, and not just for the usual reasons you should get a case. Sure, you want it for the protection, but you also need to consider the problems some models have with reception and antennas. Because a case covers the antennas and prevents your hand from interfering with them, having one will improve reception and signal strength for many phones experiencing the problem.

With so many cases on the market, it's hard to know which is best for you. This list will help you shop for just the right iPhone 4 case for your needs. (Note: It includes only cases reviewed on this site, not all iPhone cases on the market. Reviewing dozens or hundreds of cases would be impossible!)

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SGP Ultra Silke R Series

sgp ultra silke r series iphone 4 case
image copyright SGP Corp.

While the Ultra Silke R Series is pretty basic—no amazing design or features here—they offer a terrific package for a great price. You get a solid iPhone 4 case, plus a screen cleaner and an overlay screen protector. That's a comprehensive package that even cases that cost twice as much don't offer.

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Speck PixelSkin HD

Speck PixelSkin HD
Speck Products SPK-A0015 PixelSkin HD TPU Case for iPhone 4/4S. Photo from Amazon

Speck's PixelSkin and its sibling, the GeoMetric, are basically the same case with different cosmetics on the back. Given that, they really tie for third place. They earn that spot thanks to good protection at a good price, but don't offer anything more advanced or compelling than that.

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Speck GeoMetric

Speck GeoMetric
Speck Products SPK-A0017 GeoMetric TPU Case for iPhone 4/4S. Photo from Amazon

What was true for the PixelSkin is true for the GeoMetric. It's a good, basic case with no special features, but not a high price tag, either.

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Ballistic HC

image copyright Ballistic

The Ballistic HC is by far the most heavy duty case on this list (and one of the most heavy duty I've ever seen). It's definitely not the right case for everyone (too big, pricey), but for those of you working in extreme environments who need extensive protection, the Ballistic is my number 1 recommendation thanks to its rugged protection and port covers, among other features.

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Agent 18 FlowerVest

Agent18 FlowerVest iPhone 4 Case
Agent18 FlowerVest iPhone 4 Case. image credit: Agent 18

There's not much to say here. The Agent 18 FlowerVest is ​a solid case that's low on features. But if you really like flowers, it's got a big one on the back.

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Hard Candy Cases BubbleSlider

Hard Candy Cases Bubble Slider
Apple iPhone 4 iPhone 4s Hard Candy Cases Bubble Slider. Photo from Amazon

A case is supposed to make it easier to protect your phone, not make it harder to use its features, but that's just what the Hard Candy Cases BubbleSlider does. Combine its slightly-higher-than-average price with a design that makes it hard to access the iPhone's buttons, and you have to drop this case down the list.

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Gumdrop Cases Surf Slider

Gumdrop Cases Surf Slider
Gumdrop Cases Surf Slider Case for Apple iPhone 4. Photo from Amazon

Gumdrop Cases Surf Slider is a solid slider-style case at a decent price. It's so tightly fitted to the iPhone, though, that its buttons stick on the case sometimes, making it difficult to remove the phone. The prospects of damaging the phone or case when removing it worries me.

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Apple iPhone 4 Bumper

Apple IPhone 4 bumper case
Apple iPhone 4/4s Bumper Case. © Apple, Inc.

Apple's not the first company you think of when it comes to cases and this is a good example of why. The iPhone 4 Bumper case does the same thing as Agent18's ShockBand, but can cost more. It feels like price gouging for an accessory designed to fix a problem of Apple's making.