Top Internet Remote Access Software

These remote access software programs support connecting to a PC on your home network from outside. Remote access software allows you to retrieve personal data or assist family members with network problems when not physically at home.

Many different remote access software products exist, but not all are equally fast, reliable, and secure. The products listed below generally offer a good combination of features, performance, and security support.

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Top VNC Free Software

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Virtual Network Computing (VNC) technology enables sharing a copy of one computer's screen display with another computer over a network connection. Various VNC client and server packages exist, based on common network protocols, supporting different platforms.

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Symantec pcAnywhere

pcAnywhere from Symantec has been a perennial leading remote access software solution. The product includes first-time connection wizards, bandwidth auto-detection, and other advanced features. pcAnywhere uses a client-server model meaning that remote access software must be installed on any computers either making or receiving remote connections.

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GoToMyPC is Web-based remote access software. Unlike other products in this space, GoToMyPC requires setup only of those computers needing to receive incoming remote access requests. After registering those computers, remote connections are initiated via your Web browser. GoToMyPC strives to be more firewall-friendly than other products through its use of Web protocols.

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LogMeIn Pro

While the once-popular LogMeIn Free service was terminated as of January 2014, continues offering its Pro subscription package. LogMeIn Pro supports desktop remote control, file transfer, and remote printing.

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Laplink Gold

Laplink has sold its Gold remote access product for many years used for file transfer and remote control with Windows PCs. Current versions support Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.