Top International Social Networking Sites Around the World

These Are the Social Networks That Rule the Web in Other Countries

Social networking has no borders, but not every country's most popular platform is Facebook. In fact, a lot of Americans can probably admit to never even hearing about some of the most popular international social networking sites in other countries.

For a visual map of popular social network by country, definitely check out this blog post from Vincos. How many from the following list have you heard of before?

QZone dominates in China.

International Social Networks
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According to Statista's 2016 reportQZone is the fifth largest social network in the world behind Facebook Messenger, QQ, WhatsApp and Facebook itself. It's been around since 2005 and is a very complete platform that offers its users lots of different features including blogging, background customization, photo sharing, videos sharing and more. Today, it has 653 million active users.

Russia loves V Kontakte.

Russia's version of Facebook is a social network called V Kontakte (now simply VK). It pretty much does everything that Facebook already does, allowing users to build their profiles, connect with friends, message each other join groups and more. It's the 17th largest social network today with 100 million active users. To put that in perspective, that's the same number of active users that Pinterest has too.

Twitter is the big winner in Japan.

Twitter is only the 9th largest social network in the world with 320 million active users, but it's the most popular one in Japan (with Facebook close behind). You probably know about Twitter already given how popular it is to use in the United States and other English-speaking countries. Twitter is actually the second most popular social network in a few countries around the world including the UK and parts of Europe, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the Philippines and Argentina.

Odnoklassniki is the one to be on in Moldova, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Odnoklassniki is another social network that's popular in Russian territories. In fact, VK and Odnoklassniki have a strong battle against one another and either one of them could take the top spot any time in these territories. Sort of like Facebook, it's meant to be a place where users can connect with old friends and classmates. That platform is highly visual and features lots of photos and video content posted by its users.

Iran is all about Facenama.

Facenama is basically Iran's version of Facebook. It's as simple as that. Although it doesn't look much like a social network at first glance, it's the top choice for connecting online in Iran. It was actually the subject of a huge hack a while ago that compromised millions of users' personal information. Facenama is among the top 10,000 Alexa ranked sites.

Facebook rules the rest of the world.

Surprise, surprise! Facebook is number one in almost every other country that had social networking data to measure. The world's largest social network had a whopping 1.55 billion monthly active users as of the third quarter in 2015. It will be interesting to see how long Facebook holds the top spot worldwide. Could it be years? Decades? Or longer than that? Only time will tell. For now, though, it's the big one to beat.

Updated by: Elise Moreau