10 Cool Homebrews for the PSP

Play classics and new adventures not supported by Sony

There are all kinds of really cool homebrews available for the PlayStation Portable, assuming you have a homebrew-friendly firmware installed. Here is a selection of interesting games and programs.

Homebrews are not supported by Sony, and installing one on your PSP may void your warranty.

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Screenshot of a spaceship shooting enemies in homebrew game Silveredge

YY Games 

The graphics, audio, music, and menu in Silveredge are polished and impressive. You jump right into the game, and the controls are explained as part of the gameplay. This space-shooter homebrew game feels very much like playing a commercial game.

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PSPokemon Grey

Screenshot of a town in PSPokemon Grey


PSPokemon Grey is fan-made homebrew that brings Pokemon to the PSP. Interact with trainers and others to begin collecting your pocket monsters. 

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PSP Magic

Screenshot of an Etch-A-Sketch and the title "PSP Magic"


Turn your PSP into a digital Etch-A-Sketch with PSP Magic. Relive your childhood with this homebrew version of the classic game. Use it for your own imaginative creations to save and share with others. 

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Asteroids for PSP is a is a take on the classic arcade game. You control a spaceship that is fighting its way through an asteroid field. Your job is to destroy the the space rocks that approach your ship before they can destroy you.

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Wagic, The Homebrew

The Consume Spirit card from Wagic, the Homebrew game

Fight as a wizard in the heroic fantasy card game Wagic, The Homebrew (an obvious riff on Magic: The Gathering). Win battles to unlock new game modes and improve your army. The game is highly customizable; players can create their own cards and themes. Wagic features thousands of collectible cards, although you start the game with only a small collection that symbolize spells and creatures. As you fight, you earn credits to buy more cards and build powerful decks.

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No Bugs Allowed

Screenshot of a character in the PSP homebrew No Bugs Allowed


If spiders creep you out, you may not like this homebrew game. No Bugs Allowed is all about fighting waves of spider-like aliens. Your goal? Survive as long as you can. As you play, you kill enemies to gain money. Use it to upgrade your weapons, because your enemies just get stronger in each round of gameplay.

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Screenshot of a pirate ship in the PSP homebrew game Lamecraft

If you are familiar with the game Minecraft, then you know what Lamecraft is all about. It lets adults play with blocks like little kids. Download this highly rated homebrew app and build a 3D world of your own.

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Alice in: Pasta Crocket

Screenshot of a pie in space (?) from Alice In: Pasta Crocket

In Alice in: Pasta Crocket, you face a lemon pie that sends surprises and traps your way. The Queen of Hearts has trapped you somewhere in outer space and you're doomed to smash a ball into the lemon pie until you prevail. Yes, it's as weird as it sounds.

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Screenshot of a ship in homebrew game Flyer

Flyer is a classic top-down shooter game. You play as a spaceship pilot who must complete each level by achieving objectives on the way. This early homebrew game for the PSP still provides plenty of fun.

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Slender PSP

Screenshot of the mysterious Slenderman in Slender PSP

A remake of the hit indie PC game, Slender PSP tasks you with collecting eight pages before the mysterious Slenderman finds you. It's short on story but heavy on spooky atmosphere.

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