Top Hacker Technique and Defense Security Books

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These books are all part of a genre of books that show, in detail, the methods, tools, tricks, and techniques used by hackers and crackers to find and exploit the holes in your network. Rather than simply teaching people "how to hack" these books go one step further and tell you how to protect yourself and defend your network from these attacks. These are our Top Picks for this category of books.

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Hacking Exposed - 7th Edition

Hacking Exposed has more or less established this entire genre of books. Now in its seventh edition, and having sold millions of copies throughout the world, the book is the number one best-selling computer security book and it is still just as useful and valuable as it ever was.

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Steal This Computer Book 4

Now in its 4th edition, this best-seller now includes coverage of spyware, wardriving, rootkits, hacktivism, cyberterrorism and more. There are many books that are excellent for teaching security admins about the technical details of hacker tools and techniques. This book is written more for the average man and discusses these and other security topics.

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Hacker's Challenge 3

We always thought of computer security as a necessary but boring subject but the authors of this book have managed to make it both informative and entertaining. If you are a security specialist looking to take the "hacker's Challenge" and test how much you know or if you are just someone wanting to learn more about some of the latest security threats then this book will provide you with many hours of interesting reading and investigating.

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Hack Attacks Revealed

John Chirillo has made a career of hacking (for the good guys). In Hack Attacks Revealed, he shares his knowledge of how hackers gain the information necessary to break into your systems. Mr. Chirillo covers the protocols used and the purpose of the various ports used. The book also provides information on the scanning and network discovery tools used by hackers.

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Counter Hack Reloaded

Five years after writing one of the original books in the hack attack and countermeasures genre of books, Ed Skoudis has teamed up with Tom Liston to create a revised and updated version. Counter Hack Reloaded brings Counter Hack up to date with new technologies and attack types as well as providing the information you need to protect your computer and network from being targeted by these attacks.

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Hacking For Dummies

The "For Dummies" books take the subject matter and boil it down to what you need to know and present it in a plain-English way using icons and bullet points to highlight key information. Throw in a touch of humor and you have a simple book that is easy to read and, in the end, teaches you a thing or two. Kevin Beaver's contribution, Hacking For Dummies, is no exception to this rule.