The Top 100+ Google Assistant and Google Home Commands

Here are the best of the best voice commands/skills!

Some of the best features of Google Assistant and Google Home are voice commands. With these, you can learn some trivia, get a virtual exercise partner, play your favorite music, and more. Here are the top 100+ Google Assistant commands, broken down into categories.

When using a Google Assistant-enabled device, say Hey Google or OK Google followed by a command.

Several of these commands require individual accounts with the corresponding service, and most services are free. Google Assistant prompts you to set up an account when using a command for the first time.

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Google Game Commands

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Google Assistant lets you play audio-centric games like musical chairs, trivia, and turn-based adventures where you immerse yourself in an interactive world. Try one of the following commands next time you feel like playing.

  • Play a game with my family.
  • Let's play SongPop.
  • Play Animal Trivia.
  • Let's play Movie Trivia.
  • Play Freeze Dance.
  • Play Musical Chairs.
  • Play Tic-Tac-Toe.
  • Talk to Rogue's Choice.
  • Let's play Jungle Adventure.
  • Mad Libs.
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Health and Fitness Commands

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Whether you're looking for health advice, beauty tips, a virtual workout partner, or you need to calm down at the end of a long day; these commands have you covered.

  • Talk to Virtual Nurse.
  • I want to talk to WebMD.
  • Talk to Fitness Tips.
  • Talk to Beauty Companion.
  • Talk to Nike Coach.
  • Ask Relax Guru to help me relax.
  • Talk to Life Meter.
  • Ask Fitbit Coach for exercises.
  • Talk to Calorie Tracker.
  • Talk to Breathing Exercises.
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Shopping Commands

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One of the Google Assistant main draws is the added level of convenience it provides, especially when filling an empty cupboard or buying a last-minute gift. These voice-enabled commands allow for a quick and easy hands-free shopping experience.

  • What can I buy?
  • Talk to OurGroceries.
  • What's the closest supermarket? [other types of stores work here too!]
  • Talk to Out Of Milk.
  • Talk to GoGoCar.
  • Talk to Product Hunt.
  • Add [item] to my Shopping List.
  • Talk to Chefling.
  • Buy [item name] from Walmart.
  • Talk to Walgreens.
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Sports Commands

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Want to know who won the last race at Pimlico? Need advice on who to start in your fantasy football league? No matter your sports-related question, Google Assistant can answer it. Experiment with these commands.

  • Who won the [team name] game?
  • Who plays for the [team name]?
  • Tell me facts about sports.
  • When do the [team name] play next?
  • Talk to CBS Sports.
  • Ask La Liga.
  • Talk to Cricket Score.
  • Ask StatMuse for the [team name] schedule.
  • Ask Baseball Scores about N.L. standings.
  • Talk to Facts of Cricket.
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Music and Podcast Commands

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Your Google Home or other Assistant-enabled device is the perfect listening station for your favorite tunes and podcasts. The following commands provide access to a treasure trove of radio stations, songs, and shows.

  • Play some music.
  • What song is this?
  • Play [station name] on Pandora.
  • Play [artist, song, or genre] on Spotify.
  • Play YouTube Music.
  • Play the latest episode of [podcast].
  • Play [station name] on iHeart Radio.
  • Play [station name] on TuneIn.
  • Talk to Song Quiz.
  • Tell me a story.
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Productivity Commands

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Never sleep too late, miss an appointment, or overcook a meal with these handy commands that can help organize even the most chaotic lifestyle.

  • What's on my agenda?
  • Set an alarm.
  • Talk to Tile.
  • Talk to Wonder.
  • What's my daily brief?
  • Talk to Todoist.
  • Set a reminder.
  • Talk to Passchain.
  • Set a timer.
  • Ask Yahoo how's my portfolio doing?
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Education Commands

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Google Assistant can keep your brain sharp with the following educational commands. Boost your vocabulary, learn a new language, and discover many valuable factoids.

  • Define [word].
  • Translate [word or phrase] into [language].
  • Tell me something interesting.
  • Talk to My Famous Heroes.
  • Ask wikiHow.
  • Ask the Farmer's Almanac about today.
  • Read me a poem.
  • Talk to Facts About Space.
  • Talk to Geography Bee.
  • Talk to Body Facts.
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News and Weather Commands

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Find out what's going on around the world or in your neighborhood with these helpful commands. Receive detailed weather forecasts, financial market updates, and more.

  • Tell me the news.
  • Talk to CNBC about the markets.
  • Talk to the Rover station.
  • Ask World Air Quality Index.
  • Ask Dress Right for an outfit idea.
  • What's the weather?
  • What's the air quality today?
  • Tell me stock market news.
  • Ask AccuWeather for the forecast.
  • Ask CNN for the latest news.
  • Talk to Ambient Weather.
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Travel Commands

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Plan and book a trip using these travel-based commands.

  • How long will it take me to get to work?
  • Directions to [destination address].
  • Call an Uber.
  • Find a hotel.
  • Talk to Expedia.
  • Ask Musement about the best events in town.
  • Talk to AAA Restaurants.
  • Talk to World Traveller.
  • Status of [flight name or number].
  • Rent a car.
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Guest Mode and Privacy Commands

Guest Mode on an illustrated Google Assistant display

Google prides itself on Google Assistant's privacy features, including never saving users' audio recordings. If you want more information about how Google keeps your information private, ask Google Assistant, "How do you keep my information private?" You can even tell Google Assistant, "Hey Google, delete everything I said to you this week."

Guest Mode is Google's latest privacy feature for Google Assistant, and it's available on any Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers and displays. When you're in Guest Mode, Google won't save any Google Assistant communications to your account and won't include your personal information, such as contacts or calendar items, in search results.

The Guest Mode option is an excellent tool if you have guests in your home and you don't want their Google Assistant interactions saved to your account. Or, turn it on if you're planning a surprise and don't want to leave any evidence.

To learn more about Guest Mode, say:

  • Hey Google, tell me about Guest Mode.

To turn on the feature, you or any visitor in your home would say:

  • Hey Google, turn on Guest Mode.

When you turn on Guest Mode, you'll hear a unique chime and see an icon on the screen. To turn it off, anyone can say:

  • Hey Google, turn off Guest Mode.

If you're ever unsure which mode is active, say:

  • Is Guest Mode on?
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Other Useful and Entertaining Commands

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The following list is an assortment of other Google Assistant commands we like and think you'll like.

  • Talk to What's My Zodiac Sign?
  • Play Magic 8 Ball.
  • Serenade me.
  • Talk to Best Dad Jokes.
  • Talk to Sleep Sounds.
  • Talk to Split My Bill.
  • Ask Help Me Choose.
  • Talk to Local Street.
  • Ask Which Avenger Am I?
  • Give me a compliment.
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