Save Money by Finding Cheap Gas With These iPhone Gas Finder Apps

These free apps save you money each time you fill up

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Whether you're on a business trip, a road trip vacation, or just doing your day-to-day driving, you want to pay the lowest price possible for your gas. These gas station finder apps can help you harness the power of the internet and the iPhone's built-in GPS to save money every time you stop at the pump. Some of them even include diesel prices.

If your car holds 15 gallons and you can save 50 cents a gallon with a free app, you pocket $7.50 each time you fill up. Add it up, and you'll see why these free apps are worth the download time.

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GasBuddy is a free app that promises you'll never pay full price for gas again. Its strength is a community of 70 million people who report prices to the app so you can find out where to go in your area for the best gas prices.

The most recent version of GasBuddy added a GasBuddy Trips feature that analyzes your driving habits and makes suggestions for changing your habits to save at the pump. Slowing down and changing your braking habits can save you money.

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AAA Mobile

As you might expect, the free AAA Mobile app is full-featured and covers much more than gas prices. It lists the cheapest gas in the area and gives you the address, distance to the station, and price per gallon right on the main screen of the app.

This professionally maintained app covers lodging and restaurant options and offers roadside service assistance, too. Some of the app features require a current AAA membership.

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Gas Guru

The free Gas Guru app from focuses exclusively on gas stations and gas prices. Its easy-to-read maps lead you directly to the station you choose. Filter your gas search by fuel grade or view prices for all grades. The app includes the time of the last price update, so you can judge whether the price is likely still good.

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Trucker Path

​Truckers will appreciate the Trucker Path app. Use it to check diesel fuel prices all along a route. It's also handy for locating truck stops, checking parking availability, and finding weigh stations and scales status. Night-drivers will appreciate the Night Mode of the app, although it is only available on the paid version of Trucker Path.

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RoadAhead Highway Exit Finder

RoadAhead is an app for finding the amenities available at highway rest stops and off-highway exits, but it also provides gas station listings and prices. It's a good travel app but it's exit-centric, rather than station-centric, so it takes some getting used to. However, if you want an all-in-one travel app, it's a great option. You can use the app to compare gas prices at one exit with the ones at the exit 30 miles down the road.

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