Top Gaming Extensions for Firefox

There are thousands of add-ons available for the Firefox web browser, many of which greatly enhance your daily activities while surfing the web. However, sometimes you just want to kick back and have some fun! Ranging from remakes of retro classics to tough brain teasers, these gaming extensions will help you do just that. What makes these add-ons unique from browser based games is that they are actually mini-applications that integrate fully with Firefox. Because of this, most can be quickly launched from your browser's menus or toolbars and can even be played without an active Internet connection.

PONG! Multiplayer

PONG! Multiplayer

Guide Rating: 5 Stars

PONG! Multiplayer, a variant of the "world's first video game", is a Firefox add-on which lets you play this golden oldie right in your browser window. You can play both 1 or 2 player modes as well as online multiplayer games with people all around the world, by using your keyboard and/or mouse to control your paddle.



Guide Rating: 5 Stars

Mines is a Firefox browser add-on based on the classic Minesweeper, the game made popular as a free inclusion with the Windows operating system. Nowadays there are variations of Minesweeper available for several platforms including Linux and Macintosh. The Mines add-on brings yet another variation of the game, with some very unique features of its own, right to your Firefox browser window.


Guide Rating: 4.5 Stars

Cards is a browser add-on for Firefox which lets you choose from over three dozen single-player card games to play right in your browser window. Included are some of the all-time favorites, like FreeCell and Solitaire, as well as some lesser known titles such as Penguin and Union Square.


Guide Rating: 4 Stars

A derivative of the 1980's mega-classic arcade game, the Pacman add-on for Firefox takes you back in the day by letting you chomp on pellets and eat fruit right in your browser window. Using your keyboard to navigate the familiar ghost-ridden maze, you can ascend through the increasingly difficult boards just like in the original version.


Guide Rating: 4 Stars

Froggr is a Firefox add-on which lets you play a clone of the classic arcade game Frogger right in your browser window. Carefully leap through heavy traffic, jump across the backs of floating turtles, and try not to get splattered in an effort to get your frog home safely.

Quiz Addicts Toolbar

Guide Rating: 4 Stars

Quiz Addicts Toolbar is a Firefox add-on which delivers random quiz questions to the toolbar section of your browser window. The toolbar also contains links to four different trivia games and more.


Guide Rating: 4 Stars

Xultris is an add-on for Firefox which lets you launch a Tetris-style game right from your browser window. It is a simple, fun, and easy to use rendition of the timeless classic.


Guide Rating: 3.5 Stars

Snake is a Firefox add-on which lets you play a variant of the game Snake, also known as Worm, in your browser window. Try to eat as many red balls in the grid without crashing into a wall or, worse yet, your ever-growing snake's body.

Number Madness

Guide Rating: 3.5 Stars

This Firefox browser add-on is a game in which you start with a jumbled grid of numbers. Your goal is to arrange the numbers in the correct order, from left to right and top to bottom in the least amount of steps.


Guide Rating: 3 Stars

Xoom is a Firefox add-on which lets you launch a car racing game right from your browser window. Navigate the course against three computer-driven opponents in an attempt to finish in first place.