Top 8 Fun Email Programs for Windows

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You might say that an email client can only be as funny as the emails you get. But still, it's more fun to read and write an email with some email programs than it is with others. Here are the least boring ones for Windows.

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IncrediMail is a fun and easy to use ​an email client that adds spice to the messages you send while protecting you from spam, phishing and fraud attempts in a convenient manner.

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OE Classic

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Remember Outlook Express, and remember it longingly? Even if you have never used Outlook Express, chances are you will like OE Classic, a modernized clone of the old email staple. An easy interface, support for rich email editing and, most importantly, fancy Outlook Express email stationery make OE Classic a fun email program to use.

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DreamMail manages email and RSS feeds handily and handsomely with stationery, labels and related message search. Unfortunately, international language support is limited, DreamMail's spam filter seems ineffective, and IMAP accounts are not supported.

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Yahoo! Mail

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Essentially the Yahoo! Mail website turned Windows app, Yahoo! Mail is still convincingly useful—and fun with high-quality stationery built in. (You can access Yahoo! Mail accounts in it, of course, but also Gmail, ​Outlook Mail on the Web and AOL.)

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Foxmail screenshot

Foxmail is a nice email client with lots of great features that make email easy and fun.

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Classic AOL Logo
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AOL's email service is easy to use, and it comes with many elements of fun: stationery, banners, greetings, sounds,...

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Windows Live Mail



Windows Live Mail itself is not a spectacular program. But there is so much wonderful stationery available for it, making Windows Live Mail the most fun email program for sending (and receiving) gorgeous messages. (In versions of Windows prior to Vista, Outlook Express is a similar program.)

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LCARS Mail screenshot

LCARS Mail is a pretty dull email client—if it was not for the great Star Trek-like LCARS interface. Play with it using an archived copy, as LCARS Mail is, unfortunately, no longer in active development.

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