Top Free Spam Filters for Windows

Filtering spam is not a nice job. Fortunately, there's smart software that can rid your Inbox of all the junk mail efficiently and easily. Would you be surprised if some of the best anti-spam tools for Windows were free?

POPFile - Spam Filter

POPFile is a powerful and flexible email classification POP and NNTP proxy that you can use to filter spam efficiently and categorize good mail automatically. Unfortunately, POPFile can grow a bit heavy on memory and cpu load if you have trained on lots of mail. More »

eXpurgate - Free Spam Filtering Service

Spamfence is an effortless but highly effective spam (and virus) filtering service.
Its only real shortcoming is that Spamfence relies on forwarding and requires two different email accounts. More »

Spamihilator - Free Spam Filter
Heinz Tschabitscher

Spamihilator is a pretty, easy to use anti-spam tool that works with any email client and, thanks to Bayesian filters, has a good detection rate. You cannot remotely administer or teach Spamihilator, however. More »

Spamato - Free Spam Filter
Heinz Tschabitscher

Spamato filters POP and IMAP accounts for spam with the potential for high precision and plug-ins that make it easy to use in Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. Unfortunately, Spamato can be a bit overwhelming with its multitude of options and little help. More »

SpamBayes - Free Spam Filter
SpamBayes - Free Spam Filter. Heinz Tschabitscher

SpamBayes employs sophisticated analysis using Bayesian statistics to rid your email Inbox of junk mail precisely and in an effortless manner. More »

SpamExperts Desktop - Free Spam Filter
SpamExperts Desktop - Free Spam Filter. Heinz Tschabitscher

SpamExperts Desktop identifies and eliminates spam precisely and, thanks to its plugging right into the email transport, works without configuration with any email program and just about any email account. It's a pity SpamExperts Desktop is slow to process mail (though that can be countered by having it download mail periodically), and the process that lets you correct the filter's errors could be improved. More »

K9 - Spam Filter
Heinz Tschabitscher

K9 is a wonderfully precise, easy to use and fast learning Bayesian spam filtering tool. It's a pity this gem only works with POP accounts and lacks remote administration. More »

Cactus Spam Filter - Free Spam Filter
Heinz Tschabitscher

Cactus Spam Filter is a really easy to use and pretty precise spam filter. It's a pity it only works with POP accounts and does not leverage its power for further pre-sorting the good mail. More »

SpamRIP - Free Spam Filter
Heinz Tschabitscher

SpamRIP is a highly precise spam filter for any POP email account. A separate program, it lets you preview and delete junk before it reaches your default inbox. Unfortunately, SpamRIP does not work with IMAP accounts, is a tad clumsy to use and may crash now and then. More »

G-Lock SpamCombat - Free Spam Filter
Heinz Tschabitscher

G-Lock SpamCombat is a comprehensive and competent Bayesian spam filter that can make use of DNS blacklists, too. It's a pity it only works with POP accounts and requires a bit more user action than should be necessary. More »

MailWasher Free - Free Spam Filter
Heinz Tschabitscher

MailWasher Free is a flexible, elegant and quite effective spam filtering solution. Unfortunately, MailWasher Free only works with one POP account and lacks the statistics- blacklist- and server-based filtering so conveniently found in MailWasher Pro. More »

With a full-fledged scripting language for filters, SpamWeasel is one of the more powerful anti-spam tools. While it works great out of the box, writing new filters isn't easy. More »