The Best Free Online Pinball Games

Pinball Wizardry Without the Quarters

They never will be quite like the old arcade pinball machines with roll digits, but online pinball simulations are incredibly realistic and can be tailored to fit any theme, and the best deal of all is that they require zero quarters.

Free pinball has become a way for companies to promote their brand and encourage people to visit their websites. While most of these games use Flash and aren't as responsive or precise as stand-alone pinball games, they are convenient and free.

Most of these games use the left, down, and right keys to play but read the instructions for each game if those aren't working.

Rat'N'Roll Pinball Screenshot

Disney makes several good free pinball games as a way to promote their films. The Rat'N'Roll table is themed on Ratatouille.

With fun animations and noises, nice ball action, solid flippers, and some neat ramps to shoot for, Rat'N'Roll will provide you with a pretty good time while reminding you of the funny movie it's based ​on.

Power Pinball is different than your traditional pinball game. It features a really large table that scrolls into different scenes that all use the same ball.

There's a lot going on in this game, with all kinds of fruits and vegetables to aim for, as well as the possibility of unleashing multiple balls.

Power Pinball has a neat layout but due to the fact that there are flippers everywhere, it can be hard to anticipate when to hit them. Also, they tend to stick and sometimes feel too soft even when they're working.c

This unusual adaptation of pinball is a high-speed diversion from more traditional games that uses a small round table that generates a variety of targets as the game progresses.

True to its name, the action in RapidMotion is lightning fast, and there can be multiple balls in action at the same time.

Press Space to start and then use your arrow keys to control the flippers.

Full Power Pinball Screenshot

These 2D tables on the official Hot Wheels website are nicely rendered and they vary depending on which car you select at the beginning of the game.

If you get tired of one table, start over with a different car and you'll have a new set of targets and ramps.

Use the and keyboard keys to use the flippers, and the down arrow to launch the ball.

Play a Spiderman or Batman character in this free online pinball game. You can choose your character before the game starts to create a unique pinball table themed with either one.

This is a super vertical pinball table, which means that the ball can be shot really high. You have flippers all the way up the game to hit those high balls.

The down arrow will throw the ball onto the table, and the left and right directional keys control flippers.