7 Best Free Image Hosting Websites

Store images for free and share them online

A good free image hosting website will give you a convenient place to store your photos so you can access and share them quickly and easily.

Websites where you can store photos free are perfect for anyone looking for a quick way to share images or for a convenient hotlinking solution for your website.

Some free image hosting sites also include basic editing capabilities so that you can resize photos, crop them, add effects, and more. They're not as extensive as true online photo editors, but they do a decent job considering that's not their main purpose.

Each of these websites work a bit differently, so be sure to read the specifics before deciding on one. You'll want to consider the total storage size limitation, file size restrictions, file format limitations, ease of uploading your photos, and other features like direct linking, image galleries, HTML links, editing features, and privacy options.

Image hosting sites are specialized cloud storage services. If you want to store and share other files like documents or videos, or you want a great user interface for managing your photos long term, consider a general cloud storage service.

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ImgBB photo hosting website
What We Like
  • 32 MB file size limit.

  • Upload from your device or a URL.

  • Keep forever or auto-delete.

What We Don't Like
  • Free users see ads.

  • Unlimited space only if you pay.

This image hosting site is very easy to use. Upload images from your computer or via their URLs. Set them to auto-delete as soon as 5 minutes after uploading, up to 6 months later, or never.

It should work with most of the pictures you need to store online as long as they're not bigger than 32 MB: JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF, WEBP, HEIC, and PDF.

After the upload, see viewer links, HTML codes, and BBCodes. When you open the viewer link, you can copy the image's URL to get a direct link that works for hotlinking.

Quick signup is supported through social media accounts. This lets you view all your uploads, edit the image titles, delete items, and put things in albums.

Two similar websites are Lensdump and Freeimage.host, but the maximum file size is different, at 100 MB and 64 MB, respectively. They both support JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and WEBP files.

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Screenshot of the Imgur upload screen
What We Like
  • No total limit to the number of uploaded photos.

  • Supplies direct links for sharing images.

  • Supports large GIF uploads.

What We Don't Like
  • Possible wait times when there's a high amount of traffic.

  • Limits uploads to 50 per hour per IP address.

Use Imgur to store an unlimited number of your photos without ever worrying about them expiring. All your images are kept online forever until you decide to remove them.

Anyone can upload images, but you can also create a free account to manage privacy, create albums easier, and add captions.

The following file types can be uploaded to Imgur: JPEG, PNG, GIF, APNG, TIFF, MP4, MPEG, AVI, WEBM, MKV, FLV, WMV, and a few other video formats.

Non-animated files like JPGs and PNGs can be up to 20 MB, while GIFs and videos can be as large as 200 MB.

Upload pictures to Imgur by pasting them onto the website, selecting one from your computer, or entering the URL of the image. There are apps that make it easier to upload images from a mobile device.

Direct linking is allowed, and you're also given links for embedding the image in HTML or adding it to message boards and forums. However, hotlinking can't be used as content for a website, including blog posts, avatars, site elements, and advertising.

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imgbox upload page
What We Like
  • No expiration date for uploaded photos.

  • No bandwidth limit.

  • No account required.

  • Shareable link and codes for each image.

  • Supports galleries.

What We Don't Like
  • No way to title or describe individual images.

  • Accepts only three file formats.

  • Hard to copy just one link from a bulk upload.

Imgbox offers unlimited storage and zero expiration dates for images you upload. Files can be up to 10 MB in size and of the JPG, GIF, or PNG file type.

Direct linking, drag and drop uploading, image galleries, and simultaneous uploads are supported through imgbox. In addition to direct links, you can also get HTML and message board friendly codes.

A free account is optional but is used to revisit your images and galleries to find their public links. However, even without an account, you're given a delete-specific URL that you can use in the future to remove the pictures if you decide to.

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Postimage upload page
What We Like
  • Choose no expiration date or removal after a number of days.

  • Options to resize images.

  • Photos are assigned direct links.

  • Batch uploads up to 1,000 files at a time.

  • Galleries created automatically.

What We Don't Like
  • Maximum upload size is 24 MB.

A list of URLs or multiple local images can be uploaded to Postimage at once. This can be done through the website as well as with the desktop software for Windows.

The maximum upload size is 24 MB and 10,000x10,000 pixels, and the images can be resized before finishing processing. Postimage supports lots of file types: XBM, TIF, PJP, SVGZ, JPG, ICO, GIF, SVG, JFIF, WEBP, PNG, BMP, PJPEG, AVIF, PDF, HEIC, and HEIF.

Multiple image uploads create a gallery that can be shared with others via a unique link. Individual files can be shared via a direct link.

A free account can be created to resize and keep track of your uploads, as well as create custom galleries and delete existing uploads. Images are never deleted due to inactivity.

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Imagebam image upload page
What We Like
  • Unlimited uploads and downloads.

  • Generates thumbnails.

  • Multi-image uploads.

  • Gallery option.

  • Few ads.

What We Don't Like
  • Direct linking isn't obvious.

ImageBam supports unlimited uploads and downloads for JPG, GIF, and PNG files. You can even upload a ZIP file full of images.

We know the maximum file size isn't 30 MB, because our sample file uploaded just fine. But it's unclear what the upper limit is.

Direct linking is supported, but to get there, you have to right-click the image and choose to open its link in a new tab. That URL can then be used to direct people to the original image without ending up on ImageBam's normal, cluttered landing page.

User accounts are supported, but you don't need one to upload photos or name your gallery.

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imagevenue uploads
What We Like
  • No registration required.

  • Images are private.

  • Very simple website design.

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn't provide a direct link to the actual file, just a landing page.

  • Unhelpful error message if images don't upload.

  • Sometimes provides no links after uploads.

ImageVenue supports uploading JPG, PNG, and GIF files no larger than 10 MB each. Uploads can be put into a gallery or left as individual files, and you have the option to enable comments.

Multiple uploads are supported with no limitation on bandwidth or storage capacity. Every upload produces HTML and BBCodes, and can be placed in a gallery.

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Pasteboard photo upload
What We Like
  • No user account necessary.

  • Lets you crop the image.

  • Can upload directly from your webcam.

What We Don't Like
  • Some features appear free, but require a premium (paid) account.

  • Intrusive ads.

  • Provides no share links (you have to copy the URL).

What makes Pasteboard different is that you can upload an image directly from your webcam. All these other sites require the image file to already be on your computer or the web somewhere.

Of course, you can also upload pictures that are stored on your computer. The maximum file size is 10 MB.

Premium provides access to albums, your previously uploaded files, a drawing tool, and a larger upload size limit.

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