8 Free Easter Fonts

Download a free Easter font for all your spring projects

Children decorating a chalkboard for Easter
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Free Easter fonts are a fun and easy way to add some extra holiday fun to your Easter creations. They're entirely free to download and use and it just takes a few seconds to download and install them.

You can use these to make your own Easter cards, decorations, newsletters, flyers, or invitations on your computer. They'll look great for online projects, too, especially combined with some free Easter clip art.

Before using these Easter fonts in your projects, make sure to read each download page for information on how you can use the font. Some are free only for personal use.

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Eggs Free Easter Font

The Eggs Easter font

This free Easter font is simple but still fun and looks really good when you need to mix uppercase and lowercase letters.

Numbers and a few symbols are also included in your download of this free Easter font.

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JI Bunny Caps Free Easter Font

"Happy Easter" in JI Bunny Caps font
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JI Bunny Caps is a very cute free Easter font that puts bunny ears and a tail on all uppercase letters.

The lowercase letters don't have the bunny ears and tail but are put in a simple bubble font that still matches well with the uppercase letters.

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KG Hippity Hop Free Easter Font

"Happy Easter" typed in KG Hippity Hop font
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Before every uppercase letter in the KG Hippity Hop is a fun picture of an Easter bunny with a wheelbarrow full of Easter eggs. The lowercase letters feature Easter eggs in the different places around or inside the letters.

Since the uppercase letter graphic is always the same, this free Easter font looks best when you mix the uppercase and lowercase letters.

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Easter Bunny Free Easter Font

"Happy Easter" in Easter Bunny font

The Easter Bunny font is a fairly simple font that uses silhouettes of bunnies and Easter eggs to spell out the uppercase and lowercase letters.

The lowercase letters in this free Easter font look uppercase but are slightly smaller and use a different arrangement of bunnies and eggs.

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RM Egg Free Easter Font

"Happy Easter" in RM Egg font

With the RM Egg, your letters are placed inside a partially hatched egg that's stood up by little chick feet.

This free Easter font can only be used with uppercase letters and looks best if you put a space between the letters.

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KB Jellybean Free Easter Font

"Happy Easter" in KB Jellybean font

KB Jellybean will remind you of being a child and eating a handful of jelly beans. It will truly bring a smile to your face.

The font includes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and a limited number of symbols.

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New Garden Free Easter Font

"Happy Easter" in New Garden font

New Garden font is an Easter and springtime font that has swirls of growing vines and leaves coming out of the letters.

Uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as a couple of symbols, are included in this free Easter font.

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ADFB Easter Egg Free Font

ADFB Easter Egg Free Font

ADFB Easter Egg is a free Easter font where every single letter is an egg that will stand out in any project.

Only lowercase letters are accepted in this font, and there's no support for characters or numbers.