Top Documentary Films Review

My Thoughts on Top Documentary Films, a Free Movie Streaming Service

Screenshot of the free documentary The Greedy Brain on Top Documentary Films
'The Greedy Brain' Documentary.

Top Documentary Films is an awesome source for finding free documentaries, and like other sites that offer free online movies, all the films are organized in common genres to help find what you want to watch.

Below is my review of Top Documentary Films. Continue reading for a look at the types of films you can watch there, the quality of the movie streams, and more.

Lots of Ways to Find Movies

Top Documentary Films has thousands of free movies to stream online, and they're all organized in various ways to make finding them easy.

There are 20+ categories, such as History, Religion, Science, Crime, Comedy, Psychology, Health, Technology, and Sports that help find movies under particular genres or about certain topics.

If not browsing by genre, you can look through all of Top Documentary Films' movies at once and sort them by date added, rating, number of comments, or title.

There's even a Full Documentary List section of the website that lists out every single movie that's available, separated into genres but still all present on one page. I like this view because every genre lists the films in alphabetical order so it's easy to scan through all of them.

In addition, along the side of Top Documentary Films' website, you can see the top few movies that were most voted and those that were most shared. At the very top of the page is a button for the top 100 films on the website.

Offers High Quality Movies

I found a handful of movies I tested to be of high quality, specifically, with the option for 720p playback. Most other free movie streaming websites don't offer high quality films, so this is great.

Video quality will most certainly change from video to video, though, so you can't assume all of Top Documentary Films' movies are high definition.

Top Documentary Films' Player Options

Because of how Top Documentary Films gets most of its movies, all the same player options are available as when watching films from YouTube. This means there's a button to cast the video on a Chromecast, one to set up captions, a video quality picker, etc.

You can most forward and backward through a video, open it in full screen mode, and of course manage the volume.

Some videos on Top Documentary Films may also let you watch subtitles and speed up playback of the video.

You'll Find Next to Zero Advertisements

Most movie streaming sites, such as Popcornflix, show multiple advertisements during their films. I was unable to run across very many while using Top Documentary Films.

Some movies do have commercials or a short ad at the beginning, but for the most part, the majority of the videos I watched had zero advertisements, which is fantastic.

My Video Buffering Experience With Top Documentary Films

Some movie streaming websites may pause a video while you're watching it, or have a delay when starting a new film. These issues are due to either the website's speed, your own network speed, or your computer speed.

Whether I opened a new movie from Top Documentary Films or fast forwarded an existing one, I didn't run across any buffering issues, and I tested lots of movies.

Buffering problems may arise more often when streaming high quality movies from Top Documentary Films, but, again, I didn't experience anything negative when I did so.

No Mobile Apps Are Available

Unfortunately, Top Documentary Films doesn't have a mobile application for viewing its movies from a phone or tablet.

However, because most of the films are from YouTube, nearly every smartphone is able to view the movies on the go by accessing the website from their device.

A mobile-optimized app is preferred, though, which is fortunate that one is available for similar movie streaming websites, such as Sony Crackle, Viewster, and Yidio.

Top Documentary Films: Final Thoughts

My favorite things about Top Documentary Films is that there are little commercials to disrupt movie watching, you don't have to login to watch the videos, and it's simple to find movies. Though nearly every other movie streaming website lets you browse by genre, I find the one page list of movies at Top Documentary Films to be more helpful.

Even though no mobile app has been developed for Top Documentary Films, I enjoy the fact that many of the films are actually still playable.

Something else I like is the Facebook and Twitter share buttons below each video. This makes it simple to share what you're watching with others.