Top Connection Speed Tests

Sites That Measure Your Bandwidth

It is important to know what your bandwidth really is, especially when you want to make you have enough connection speed in order to download and upload heavy files, to play online games, and to engage in voice and video communication online through VoIP and video conferencing. There are a bunch of sites that offer online speed tests. Connection speed test engines use servers to which they upload and from which they download test data in order to establish the speed. Not all online speed tests are good and accurate, but there are some that stand out. screenshot screenshot. / Ookla

This tool is quite enhanced and gives a lot of features, including a very user-friendly choice of servers, comparing and sharing results with others, detailed result parameters etc. What I find most interesting with this engine is the advanced user interface. It gives you a world map, with a rectangle to select your area which, once selected, appears focused on your screen. Then, your location and a number of suitable servers are shown, with ones that are recommended. Once you choose one, your test starts in a way quite pleasing to watch. The engine is not only fancy but quite accurate. You will need to have Flash running on your browser to use this test.

This one is best for VoIP users. It is my favorite as well, but only when I need minute details. If you want a speed test that is very scientific and rich in details, this is the one to go for. It has a special test for VoIP, with lots of values to compare and scale. The interface is a Java applet with several tabs for VoIP, speed, graph, summary and advanced results. The interface places your speed on a line figuring typical connection types. The graphs detail the test activity over milliseconds. The summary advises you on where you stand with the connection you have.

This tool is offered free by HostMyCalls. It analyzes the route from the HostMyCalls Operations Center to any pingable public IP address. It will find the location of any trouble whether it is the end user's connection or congestion within the ISP's network. It will automatically detect any change of routes within the ISP and track statistics separately. This tool is especially useful if the Internet connection is experiencing intermittent packet loss or delays.

This test gives accurate results since it performs the performance test with several servers. It allows you to select the speed test type and host server.

Another interesting test engine where you have in your results the necessary parameters. Speed results are given graphically.
This a well-known test engine. It first asks you to select between the Java and the Flash version. Then you are asked to select a test server. The site gives you a lot of information on the test, as well as technical instructions and tweaks.

This one achieves roughly the same things as, with server selection etc., but without the nice user interface. It also tests your connection loading pictures.