Top 6 Low-Budget Cheap AT&T Phones

This list features the best, budget-friendly AT&T cell phones

If you’re an AT&T customer seeking to replace or upgrade your cell phone, this list highlights some sure bets at budget-friendly prices. Just because these are cheap AT&T phones, though, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or features.

These budget phones have most of what you’ll need and some even pack a standout feature. All cell phones on this list are priced at $50 or less with a two-year contract and mail-in rebates applied.

We also have a list of best budget phones by carrier or you can jump straight to cheap phones at Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon Wireless.

Samsung A767 Propel: For Textaholics

Samsung A767 Propel
Samsung A767 Propel. Image © Samsung

Designed for budget-conscious textaholics, the Samsung A767 Propel is AT&T’s square quick-messaging slider with a full QWERTY keyboard and the best of its entertainment features.

The Propel slides upward for access to its full keyboard. In addition to being a 3G phone for high-speed Internet access, the Propel also features an impressive battery with 5 hours of rated talk time. More »

Pantech Matrix C740: Dual Slider

Pantech Matrix
Pantech Matrix. Image © Pantech

While the Pantech Duo has taken the smartphone route, the quick-messaging Pantech Matrix C740 is a budget-priced cell phone that packs the same dual-sliding, double-keypad design.

Along with being a dual slider, a high-speed 3G world phone and having an impressive battery, the Matrix’s top sell is as a quick-messaging handset especially for text messaging-heavy users. More »

Motorola Karma QA1: Social Networking

Motorola Karma QA1
Motorola Karma QA1. Image © Motorola

The budget-priced Motorola Karma QA1 is a full-keyboard slider for AT&T that is designed to “supersize your social status” for the Facebook and MySpace generation.

For fun, the high-speed 3G phone is also helping to popularize new jargon so you can “chag” (chat and tag), “froke” (friend and poke), “pessage” (post and message) and socialize from your cell phone when and where you want. More »

Pantech C630: High-Speed 3G, GPS Phone

Pantech C630
Pantech C630. Image © Pantech

Following the Pantech C610 for AT&T, the wireless carrier has now made available a similar feature-rich handset that sells for less: the budget-priced Pantech C630.

The Pantech C630’s prime differentiation is its ability to be a relatively feature-packed cell phone at a very low price. The handset also stands out by packing 3G data speeds with GPS navigation and a 5-hour battery. More »

Sony Ericsson W350: Thin Phone

Sony Ericsson W350
Sony Ericsson W350. Image © Sony Ericsson

The Sony Ericsson W350 flip phone for AT&T measures in at 4.09 inches by 1.69 inches by a thin 0.41 of an inch. It’s Bluetooth capable with, for example, wireless headsets. This budget-priced handset also has a modem and USB support. More »

AT&T Quickfire: Fast Messaging

AT&T Quickfire
AT&T Quickfire. Image © Personal Communications Devices

For those of us who want to fire off text messages quickly on a budget-priced phone, the full-keyboard AT&T Quickfire with a touch screen is ideal for fast text, picture, video and instant messaging. More »

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