The 2 Best Charging Cables for Androids of 2022

Make sure your smartphone never runs out of juice with these charging cables

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Stop being the person that has to mooch other people's chargers and buy a pack of the best charging cables for Android. While none of these cables are objectively better than the other, we've rounded up a few of our favorites based purely on price and aesthetics so you always have a cable handy when you need one.

The mico-USB charging standard may be getting a little long in the tooth, but plenty of users and devices still rely on this aging standard to get their juice. Whether you need a fancy braided cable like the iSeeker Braided Cable at Amazon, or a half-dozen throwaway cables like the Anker PowerLine at Amazon investing in a handful of these are sure to make you the most popular person in the office (whenever we can return to work that is).

If you're curious to learn more different USB cables and how they work, make sure to check out our guide to USB before snagging up one of best charging cables for android.

Best Extra Long: Anker PowerLine

Anker PowerLine


Measuring 10 feet in length, the Anker PowerLine microUSB charging cable is a terrific selection for Android fans who seek both a reliable name and lengthy cord. Available in a choice of five colors, the Anker boasts a strengthened construction that features a bulletproof aramid fiber design, making it stronger and more reliable than standard cables. Additionally, Anker tests the durability of the cables with over 5,000 bends during its lifespan, making it last on average nearly ten times longer than the cable that comes with your smartphone or tablet direct from the manufacturer. With built-in fast-charging, Anker reduced the resistance in the cable by 25 percent to allow for a steadier voltage and the fastest possible charging speed. On top of the already solid design, it worked to keep the size of the cable down to maximize compatibility with a variety of cases without affecting durability.

Best Durability: Lumsing Micro USB 3ft Premium

Lumsing Micro USB 3ft Premium
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The Lumsing Micro USB cable is three feet and has thick gauge wiring and reduced cable resistance to enable the fastest possible charge via any USB charger, plus data transfer. The company claims that charge times are up to eight percent faster than most standard cables and that it has a 480Mbps data transfer via backwards-compatible USB 2.0.

Though the cable itself is thin, it offers a top durability quality similar to other cables on the list. It has reinforced stress points, which allow for over 10,000 bends in its lifespan. The cable also has dense coating, which protects it from any damage and contributes to better performance down the line. Note, however, that the connecting pins inside the cable are fragile and can flatten out, which will hurt its strong connectivity, so it’s important to treat this budget cable with care.

Lumsing offers a free 12-month warranty that begins on the date of purchase. If there are any product quality issues, the company has a toll-free customer service number.

Final Verdict

As we stated previously, there isn't going to be much that differentiates these cables besides aesthetics, but for our money, we'd want the iSeeker Nylon Braided Cable, the braided cables simply look better and are less likely to turn into a tangled mess when you inevitably forget about them in the drawer.

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