The Top 10 Instagram Celebrities to Follow

These famous singers and actors post new photos and videos all the time

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Instagram isn't just a place where you can see what your friends are eating for lunch anymore. Big brands and famous celebrities have infiltrated the popular photo and video sharing app, and they've been racking up followers by the millions. Celebrity Instagram accounts are all the rage these days!

Some only post once in a blue moon, while others basically use the app to document their entire lives — never going more than a couple of days without posting and often posting multiple times a day. It's no surprise that Instagram has quickly grown to become one of the most popular social networks fans can use to stay in touch with their favorite celebs.

Here are at least 10 wildly famous individuals who seem like they're probably using the app all day, every day.

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Rihanna: 78.5 Million Followers

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Rihanna has been known to post some very NSFW photos on Instagram in the past, and she actually disappeared from the app for about six months in 2014 possibly because her account was disabled for the type of content she posted. She came back, though, and despite her posts looking much more SFW, she still rocks it.

Here profile picture never changes from the iconic stick figure drawing, but she loves flaunting her makeup brand and fashion photoshoots all over her feed!

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Snoop Dogg: 38.2 Million Followers

Snoop Dogg
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If you decide to follow Snoopy Dogg on Instagram, be prepared for his posts to completely dominate your feed. Seriously, this guy can most more than 25 times a day. As of this writing, his Instagram post count is over 37,000. People seem to enjoy his frequent posting habits, though, because he's got over 19.5 million loyal followers.

He's also a lover of memes, so be prepared for some weird and hilarious images or quotes to pop up in your feed!

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Miley Cyrus: 103 Million Followers

Miley Cyrus
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Love her or hate her, Miley Cyrus is an Instagram queen with over 72.4 million followers. Her personality, however, has seemed to have toned down a bit from the weird and crazy celeb she's built her music career on. She almost always posts something every few days or so.

In July of 2018, she deleted all of her Instagram posts and blacked out her profile picture. Fans speculate it could be a sign of new music to come, or perhaps a split with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

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Nicki Minaj: 109 Million Followers

Nicki Minaj
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Nicki Minaj is another hugely active Instagram celeb who posts some pretty racy photos of herself in various outfits from photo shoots she'd done. But given her celeb personality, music style and overall brand, are you really surprised? 

Alongside that, she'll post a mix of promotional material and a few random screenshots of things here and there. She almost never misses more than a few days to post something.

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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson: 169 Million Followers

Dwayne Johnson
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Dwayne Johnson, otherwise known as The Rock, has really been ramping up his Instagram activity lately. And instead of taking plain old selfies, he often films himself talking to the camera as a video post or snaps himself in scenes/on set of one of the many, many movies he stars in.

Even as the second highest paid actor behind George Clooney, The Rock almost never misses even a day for a post, and it's not uncommon for him to post two or three times daily.

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Drake: 63 Million Followers

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Drake is one of today's biggest artists who loves to keep his fans in the loop via Instagram. In fact, you'll often find him going on posting sprees, with several posts made one after the other. 

Many posts feature himself while others feature people he admires and is grateful for. If you're interested in what's up to, give him a follow.

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Jessica Alba: 17.1 Million Followers

Jessica Alba
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From the looks of Jessica Alba's Instagram page, it sure looks like she lives an exciting and glamorous Hollywood life with her adorable family.

She posts a lot of fun and casual photos mixed in with lots of groups and individual selfies everywhere she goes — mixed in with the occasional quote or plug for her brand, The Honest Company. 

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Ariana Grande: 172 Million Followers

Ariana Grande
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We're pretty sure that every teenaged girl is obsessed with Ariana Grande, which likely explains why she has even more followers than The Rock.

Her posting style is a bit more artsy and mysterious compared to other celebs. She seems to really have a thing for soft colors black and white filters. You can expect new posts from every couple of days at the very least.

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Sean 'Diddy' Combs: 15.8 Million Followers

Sean Diddy Combs
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Sean Combs a.k.a Puffy Daddy a.k.a. P. Diddy a.k.a. just "Diddy" sure knows how to make an impact on Instagram. He posts absolutely everything from selfie videos and family photos, to inspirational quotes and shoutouts to other big users he wants you to follow.

You can expect to see multiple posts from him a day, sometimes more than 10 in just 24 hours.

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Kim Kardashian: 157 Million Followers

Kim Kardashian
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Would we leave Kim off this list? Not a chance! Kim Kardashian's selfies make entertainment headlines probably more than anyone else in the world right now.

So yes, of course, she's hugely active on Instagram, and most photos are of nothing but herself. She definitely posts every day, so if you like to see Kim K's face all over your feed, then go ahead and join the other 117 million people who follow her.