Top 5 iPad Web Browsers

Alternatives to the Safari Browser

The majority of iPad users surf the Web using their device's default browser, Safari. Although Apple's browser is a respectable offering, there are several other options available for download via the App Store. Most people are unaware of this fact, assuming that Safari is the only way to go. The following Safari alternatives each have their own unique pros and cons.

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Google Chrome

iPad Air with Google Chrome Logo
What We Like
  • Loads quickly.

  • Easy to search.

  • Intuitive features.

What We Don't Like
  • No page titles.

  • Collects data.

  • Moderate energy consumption.

Long a favorite on desktop platforms, the Google Chrome browser made it to the iPad in the summer of 2012, bringing with it an extensive sampling of the features for which it has become known. As Safari alternatives continue to battle for tablet supremacy, Chrome finds itself at the top of our list.

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Perfect Browser

Perfect Browser in App Store
What We Like
  • Built-in ad blocker.

  • Customizable.

  • Private mode.

What We Don't Like
  • Rough around the edges.

  • Opens with multiple tabs.

  • Zooming can be buggy.

Perfect Browser offers a plethora of features, including some unique to this app. Where it distinguishes itself from other iPad browsers is in its ability to take full advantage of the device's touch technology.

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Atomic Web Browser

yahoo! on atomic web browser
What We Like
  • Supports full-screen mode.

  • Supports ad-blocking.

  • Autofill feature.

What We Don't Like
  • No omnibox.

  • Can be slow to load.

  • No pop-ups on links.

Atomic Web Browser offers a robust feature set normally reserved for desktop browsers. The main selling point lies in its full-screen browsing mode, but it is the other functionality that really makes this app stand out from the pack.

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Skyfire Browser

Skyfire Browser
What We Like
  • Enhanced functionality.

  • Converts Flash to HTML5.

  • Private browsing option.

What We Don't Like
  • Struggles with some high-bandwidth videos.

  • Transitions can be choppy.

  • Not an alternative to Flash.

Skyfire for iPad is a fairly impressive browser that combines a number of useful features in a stable and visually engaging package. Its major attraction, however, lies in the fact that it can play Flash videos.

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Mobicip Safe Browser

Mobicip website
What We Like
  • Scans content in real-time.

  • Provides online configuration and management.

  • Data encryption.

What We Don't Like
  • No live support.

  • Can be slow to load.

  • Lacks social network protection.

Safe Browser blocks children from viewing adult content on their iPad. Utilizing a unique type of dynamic filtering, this browser does more than just check a website against an existing URL blocklist.

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