Top 5 Bluetooth Printer Adapters

Print Wirelessly With the Help of These Gadgets

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With a Bluetooth adapter, you can convert an older printer to wireless, saving the expense of buying a new wireless printer. Bluetooth technology offers a convenient way for someone to send documents, images, etc. to a printer without having to physically attach a laptop, smartphone or another device to it.

All that's needed is a Bluetooth-enabled device that you pair with the Bluetooth adapter plugged into the printer. Most mobile phones, laptops, and some cameras and other devices, support Bluetooth. Then, make sure the Bluetooth printer is at a location that provides ample range (Bluetooth supports about 30 feet) from the sending device.

The five Bluetooth printer adapters featured here all cost under $100 (some under $40), but you might have to find the right one for your printer model (see descriptions).

Note: You need to know your printer's make and model number before buying any of these adapters so that you can be sure that your printer is supported. Most of these websites have tutorials on how to do that. For example, see this document on HP's website to learn how to find what kind of HP printer you have.

The BT500 Bluetooth wireless adapter from Hewlett-Packard works with any HP Bluetooth-enabled printer, such as many LaserJets, DeskJets, PhotoSmart printers and All-in-One models.

To wirelessly transfer documents, photos, music, emails, etc. from your Bluetooth enabled device, plug the adapter into the HP printer's USB port. You can connect up to seven Bluetooth-enabled devices at a time with this adapter.

This HP printer adapter is compatible with both Windows and Mac laptops and desktop computers. See HP's website for more information on this adapter.

Canon's BU-30 Bluetooth printer adapter is compatible with a wide range of Canon PIXMA and SELPHY printers, as well as the Canon SD1100 camera/printer bundle.

PIXMA MG, MP, and MX models are included in the list of compatible models (in the Compatibility tab), as are some SELPHY CP models.

If you own a compatible Sony Digital Photo Frame or digital photo printer, the Sony DPPA-BT1 Bluetooth USB Adapter might be for you.

It plugs into your USB port to eliminate the need for cables. Reviews around the web suggest the adapter works with the Sony SnapLab as well.

You can find support for this adapter on Sony's website.

Compatible with select Epson photo printers, this Bluetooth adapter lets you sent photos to your printer wirelessly from your computer or another Bluetooth-enabled device.

Epson lists some Artisan and Workforce All-in-One printers, PictureMate compact photo printers and Stylus Photo ink jet printers as compatible. See a full list here.

See Epson's support page for the C12C824383 Bluetooth adapter if you need help with it.

If you have an older printer with a parallel port and want to turn it into a wireless printer, this plug-n-play adapter might be your solution.

The Premiertek BT-0260 only features Bluetooth 1.1 but it also has a USB port, which means it might work with USB printers or devices as well, and it's not specific to one printer manufacturer.

The official product page for the Premiertek BT-0260 provides some more information on this adapter.