Top Blog Statistics Trackers

Measure the success of your blog with one of these popular blog tools

If you want to create a successful blog, it's important to understand where traffic to your blog is coming from and what people do when they visit your site. A number of trackers are available to bloggers to analyze the metrics of your blog and assist you in making decisions about your blog content.

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The advanced functionality of StatCounter is available for a fee, but most of the metrics a typical blogger needs are included in the free package. It's important to note that the free version of StatCounter only counts up to 100 visitors at a time before it resets and starts counting again. That means only the last 100 visitors to a website are included in the statistics displayed.

StatCounter generates activity alerts, descriptive information about your visitors while they visit, and the path they take to reach your site. The companion mobile apps let you take your stats with you wherever you go.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics has been around for a while and is considered one of the most comprehensive website tracking tools. Reports are available down to minuscule detail, and users can set up custom reports, which comes in handy for bloggers who like to track specific advertising campaigns. The basic Google Analytics service is available free of charge. Free Google Analytics apps are available to monitor your site's stats while you are on the go.

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Although AWStats isn't as user-friendly as some of the other analytics trackers, it is free and offers a good amount of metrics related to a blog's traffic. AWStats tracks number of visitors, unique visitors, visit duration, and last visits. It identifies the most active days of the week and rush hours for your blog, as well as the search engines and search phrases used to find your site.

Clicky provides real-time web analytics. The sleek interface presents reports that contain a high level of detail on every segment. Gather stats on each individual who visits your site. Users particularly like the graphic "heat maps" that show the density by visitors, segments, or pages.

Go to your blog and view on-site analytics on how many visitors are on the site and page you are viewing in real time. Generate heat maps using the widget without leaving your blog.

Matomo (formerly Piwik) comes in self-hosted and cloud-hosted versions. You can opt to install Matomo on your own server at no cost with the free version of the analytic software, or you can host your analytics on Motomo's cloud server. This fee-based version comes with a 30-day free trial.

With Motomo, you have full control and ownership of your data. The software is easy to use and customizable. If you need your analytics on the go, download the free Motomo Mobile app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. 

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For company blogs and websites, Woopra may be the best choice. With it, users can visualize every interaction with every visitor, down to the individual level, and it can be used to individualize customer service

Woopra prides itself on tracking anonymous visitors to your website from their first visit until they identify themselves, and beyond.

Woopra provides advanced analytics that include customer journeys, retention, trends, segmentation, and other insights. It provides real-time analytics, automation, and connections with other apps.