Top Anti-Spam Plugins for Outlook

Do you love Outlook, but you hate spam? There are great plug-ins for Outlook that wade through the new mail for you, sorting out the spam automatically. Here are the greatest of the great anti-spam plugins for Outlook.

Cloudmark Desktop - Outlook and Outlook Express Spam Filter
Cloudmark SafetyBar is a great and easy to use junk and phishing mail solution with an excellent spam detection rate and an even better record of avoiding false positives. More »
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SpamBayes - Outlook Spam Filtering Add-On
Heinz Tschabitscher
The SpamBayes Outlook Addin employs sophisticated analysis using Bayesian statistics to rid your Outlook Inbox of junk mail precisely and in an easy to use manner. More »
Disruptor OL - Outlook Spam Filter Add-On
Disruptor OL - Outlook Spam Filter Add-On. Heinz Tschabitscher
Disruptor OL is a thorough and highly effective approach to eliminating spam from your Outlook Inbox. Disruptor OL combines multiple tactics, which, unfortunately, makes it a bit complex. More »
CA Anti-Spam
Heinz Tschabitscher

CA Anti-Spam allows only mail from approved senders to your Inbox, checks sender credentials to warn about phishing attempts and lets you search your emails quickly, too. CA Anti-Spam suffers from the problems of challenge/response filters mildly, and you may still have to go through the spam you get every now and then. More »

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Junk-Out - Microsoft Outlook Spam Filter
Heinz Tschabitscher

Junk-Out is a great anti-spam plug-in for Outlook. It combines the simplicity of Bayesian filters that just get it right with lots of flexibility. More »

MailFrontier Desktop - Spam Filter
Heinz Tschabitscher
MailFrontier Desktop combines a number of anti-spam tactics to form a strong spam filtering package, but the individual modules are not perfect yet. More »
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SpamAid - Outlook Spam Filter Add-On
Heinz Tschabitscher
Using Bayesian statistics, SpamAid achieves a great spam detection rate and is really easy to use. More »
SpamCatcher - Spam Filter
Heinz Tschabitscher
Using scoring filters and a self-learning, proprietary registry of spam, SpamCatcher Outlook is a highly effective (albeit not always precise) anti-spam tool for Microsoft Outlook. More »